Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Makeup Brush Collection & How I Wash/Store My Brushes!

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be my makeup brush collection and I will be showing you how I store my brushes and how I wash them. I can confirm that the next post I will be doing is my makeup collection, and I am really excited to share it with you guys! I hope you enjoy this post and lets just get started...

Also, the links to everything I mention will be at the end of this video so you can go and check out the items if you are interested:)

How I store my brushes... 
I store all of my makeup brushes in these white Ikea Skurar pots. Literally, everyone uses these to store their brushes, well at least the YouTubers I watch! These pots are really affordable, £1.90 and look really nice on the top of my vanity. In the bottom of my Skurar pots I have put some glass beads in from HobbyCraft. I can't remember exactly how much they were but they help too keep all of my brushes standing upright.
My makeup brushes... 
The majority of my makeup brushes are Real Techniques but I do have a few random brands in there too; including Seventeen and No7. In have two separate pots, one for my face brushes and one for my eye brushes.

Starting with my face brushes I have two of the benefit mini brushes that you get with their boxed powders just lying in the bottom of the pots. Then at the very back I have two No7 face brushes that I don't really use as they have a lot of fall out and are a little scratchy too. Then at the front of the pot I have my Real Techniques brushes, the brushes I own are:

  • Buffing brush 
  • Contour brush 
  • Blush brush 
  • Powder brush 
  • Setting brush 
  • Foundation brush 
I love all of the Real Technqiues brushes as they do not shed and are really soft and fluffy. They also apply makeup really well! 

In my eye brush pot I have a lot of random brands in here. I have a few brushes in there from Seventeen, No7 and Avon. The Real Techniques brushes I have in there are: 
  • Base Shadow brush 
  • Deluxe Crease brush 
  • Accent brush 
  • Pixel Point Liner brush 
  • Brow brush 
  • Detailer brush 
How I wash my brushes... 

To wash my brushes I use the MAC brush cleanser. To be honest, this smells like nail varnish remover but it is absolutely great at getting all of the old makeup out of my brushes. Plus, it is really easy to use but does a great job. For a MAC cleanser it is not too expensive, the price will be at the end as I can't remember it at the moment but I will go and have a look for this.

The way I use this cleanser is I wet the brush I want to clean and put a little bit of the cleanser into my hand. I do this a few times to make sure they are completely clean and then I just rinse them off and leave them to dry on my vanity. I do put them on top of a towel though!

What I mentioned in this post... 
Skurar pots, Ikea (£1.90 each)
Real Techniques brushes, Boots (range of prices)
MAC Brush Cleanser, MAC Cosmetics (£11.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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