Thursday, 27 August 2015

Superdrug Limited Edition Sweet Shop Collection!*

Hello everyone!

I was beyond excited when the new Superdrug Sweet Shop Collection landed on my doorstep. I have saw a few blog posts featuring the products and when they sent me the collection I HAD to blog about it! The products came in a gorgeous box (pictures below) and I will definitely be keeping it to store other items in! The whole range smells absolutely gorgeous, just like sweets:) I absolutely love the pastel packaging of the items too.

Raspberry Bubblegum Shower Gel
This is definitely my favourite product from the range and I will be picking up a few more of these as it smells absolutely incredible. If you have ever had a blue slushie then it smells EXACTLY like that! This lathers up really nicely and hydrates the skin whilst smelling great. I also use this as a bubble bath and it creates a nice mountain of bubbles in the bath, and you can smell the distinct scent in the whole house!  
Pear Drops Shampoo and Conditioner
These too smell great, and you get a nice whiff of the candy scent throughout the day when you use this. At first smell, I couldn't quite pick up the pear scent, I would say it is more of a vanilla scent but it is still great! This isn't going to work wonders for your hair, it is more of a sweet smelling fun product. I would recommend this for occasional use as it doesn't add any moisture to the hair, it just adds a sweet scent to it.
Strawberry Bon Bon Tissues
I didn't even know that there was such thing as scented tissues, until I saw the Strawberry Bon Bon tissues in the box. The scent isn't too strong and the box is the perfect decoration for your bedroom or bathroom.
Lemon Sherbet Dry Shampoo
I can definitely smell lemon in this dry shampoo, and it isn't too strong as well. Like most dry shampoos, this does leave a little bit of white powder in the hair but nothing that can't be sorted with a quick comb of the hair:)
Vanilla Fudge Self Heating Face Mask
I haven't tried the face mask out yet but I did smell it, and it smells exactly like fudge. I feel this may smell a little sickly to be on the face for a long time, but I will let you know how I get on with it and how my skin reacts with it. I did pop a little bit on my hand and it warmed up pretty quickly, I loved the feeling it left on my hand.
Jelly Bean Body Spray
I am going to be keeping this in my bag for touch ups throughout the day as it is the perfect scent, not too musky and not too sweet. It is a body spray so it doesn't last as long as a perfume would, but like I said it is the ideal size to keep in your bag.

The sweet shop range starts off at 79p, an absolute bargain!

So, what do you think of the new Superdrug collection? Have you tried anything out yet? I would love to know your thoughts on the range:)

Until next time,
Emily xo

*These items were sent to me but all opinions are my own!

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