Tuesday, 27 October 2015

One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015!

Hello everyone!

This is not a beauty related post, but I wanted to share with you my One Direction concert experience. This is going to be a vlog style post, but obviously in written form rather than video!

When the tickets first went on sale for their concert they sold out straight away so unfortunately I didn't manage to get tickets, but they released extra tickets near the end of September and I managed to get two tickets (one for me and one for my sister). I was very excited at the fact I managed to get tickets, and the seats were in the first block right next to the stage!

Whenever I go to a concert I always buy some merch to remember that concert, and at this concert I bought one of their programmes.

The concert was really great, and this is probably the last opportunity I would have got to see them live as they are taking a break next year. I am going to end this post with a few photos from the concert, and you can also check out my Instagram for more photos and videos:)

Until next time,
Emily xo

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