Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Advent Calendars 2015!

Hello everyone!

Compared to last year, there are loads of beauty related advent calendars on sale this year. I feel like no one buys the traditional chocolate advent calendars anymore, with so many beauty and candle calendars on the market now. I am going to get straight into this post because I have lots of calendars to share with you:)

Yankee Candle Reindeer Carousel (£31.99)
Yankee Candle have three different advent calendars out this year, and the one I liked the most is also the most expensive. This has a range of votive and tea light candles, and there are 8 different Christmas scents included. It is a bit disappointing that there aren't 24 different scents, but that would be far too many for Yankee Candle to design each year. This would be perfect if you are a candle lover, and don't worry about what the candles will smell like as the Yankee Candle Christmas range always smells incredible! 

Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls (£15.00 *WAS £25.00*)
Every time I have visited the Superdrug website the Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls advent calendar has been sold out, so I am not sure if it will be coming back any time soon. In this calendar you get 12 different items, rather than the traditional 24 or 25. I own one of the lip glosses from Tanya's collection and I really love it so I would love to be able to get my hands on this.

Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic (£150.00)
£150.00 is a little extreme for an advent calendar, but the Charlotte Tilbury beauty products are always really great quality. If you can justify to paying that amount of money for an advent calendar then I would definitely tell you to go for it because you really will love her products. It is definitely one of those 'princess brands' but you really won't regret it, who wouldn't want 12 of her best selling beauty products?!  The packaging is like a book and it is super cute too.

The Body Shop (£60.00)
I haven't actually been to The Body Shop in a little while, I only go around Christmas because they always bring out wonderful products. I love their hand creams, and this advent calendar would be perfect for someone like me that wants to try out more of their products. I actually heard somewhere that they have brought two calendars out this year to suit different budgets but I couldn't seem to find the other one. 

Makeup Revolution (£25.00 *WAS £50.00*) 
Makeup Revolution is a really affordable drugstore brand that is sold in Superdrug. You get 25 different products in this calendar, and for only £25 it is the perfect advent calendar if you're on a budget! Some of the other advent calendars I am going to be mentioning in this post have only 12 products in for six times the price! The calendar contains a range of products in shades that will suit most skin tones, so you don't have to worry about whether the shades with complement your skin tone.

Benefit Cosmetics (*THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT*)
From what I can remember, I am almost 100% sure that last year the Benefit advent calendar consisted of 24 different products. This year it only features 12, and I am not sure whether it is cheaper than last years calendar.

Lookfantastic (£70.00)
First of all, I just want to mention that this advent calendar is worth over £250.00! Out of all the calendars I have mentioned, this is definitely the one that is great value for money and definitely worth buying. It contains 25 different products, ranging from skincare to makeup. I would highly recommend you buy this calendar out of all the others I have talked about:) 

No7 (£38.00)
I am a huge fan of No7 makeup; I use their foundation on a daily basis, and I have a number of their blushes too. You get 25 products in this advent calendar, 6 of which are full sized. There is definitely something for everyone in this calendar; body washes, mascaras, eyeshadows and much more! 

LUSH Cosmetics (£49.95)
I absolutely love LUSH and this advent calendar is the best thing ever! I would have actually bought this advent calendar this year but I am getting the WOW! set for Christmas so I don't really need any more LUSH products to add to that! This is perfect for any bath lover, and would make a great gift too. 

I am slightly disappointed that there isn't a MAC advent calendar, but there is still lots of great ones to choose from this year. Of course I couldn't include them all in this post so if your favourite brand hasn't been featured here then there is still a chance they have an advent calendar this year:)

Until next time,

Emily xo 

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