Sunday, 13 December 2015

KIKO Haul!

Hello everyone!

A KIKO store recently opened up near me and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to pick up a few things and try them out. I have heard a lot of good reviews on the brand and I ended up picking out four lipsticks, one eye shadow and a Christmas lip kit.

First of all, I want to give a 10/10 for presentation. The bag is Christmas themed and finished off with a bow. I picked up one thing from their Christmas range too so the packaging to that matches the bag. The 'regular' product packaging is just as good and reminds me of the MAC packaging.

Angel Kiss Set in Candy Canes (£11.90)
The only item I bought from their Christmas range is this lip set, which I fell in love with as soon as I seen it! In this set you get the Candy Cane Velvet Lips lip scrub and the Candy Cane Kiss Balm lip balm. These both smell absolutely incredible; just like bubblegum! The balm is sheer but does still have decent pigmentation. It is a beautiful red shade. The lip scrub is great on the lips and paired together they make your lips super soft. 

I have used these two products a handful of times and my lips already feel great. This would be the perfect gift for Christmas, and is not too pricey either. 

Infinity Eye Shadow in 244 Pearly Orchid Violet (£5.90)
The KIKO eye shadows and lipsticks were the two main things that I wanted to try from the brand, and I decided on this gorgeous burgundy shade. It has a hint of shimmer in it, and it's super creamy and easy to blend. I will definitely be trying out some more KIKO shadows as I love this one. 

Smart Lipstick in 917 Mauve Pink (£3.90)
The first lipstick I picked up is just as the name suggests, a mauve pink! I really like that this doesn't have too much shimmer in it. It's the perfect Kylie Jenner lip shade, and it glides on so easily. This is my everyday lip shade and I can tell I will get a lot of use from this. 

Smart Lipstick in 903 Candy Rose (£3.90)
This lipstick is a gorgeous deep rose shade and, just like the others, is super creamy and moisturising. I would say this is a shade that would be perfect for Spring, and is probably when I will get the most wear out of it. 

Smart Lipstick in 914 Amaranth (£3.90)
This lipstick is very different from the others, and reminds me a lot of MAC Rebel- I'm pretty sure it's a dupe! It's a stunning berry shade and is perfect for the Christmas season. I will get a lot of use out of this lipstick more than any of the others, as it is my go to shade for Winter. When I have been wearing this I have noticed that the lipstick stains your lips meaning that when the lipstick wears off you are still left with a stain that looks a lot more natural. Staining your lips can either be a bonus or negative aspect, depending on the person, but I think it is a bonus!

Smart Lipstick in 919 Sugar Pink (£3.90)
This lipstick is the only one that I picked up that has a really strong pearl effect. It also reminds me a lot of MAC Plink!, so it could possible be another dupe:) It is a light baby pink and is great for those days when you want to wear lipstick but don't want to change the shade of your lips too much. It is not the most adventurous shade but I will get a lot of use from this too. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tried any KIKO makeup... and whether you liked the products or not! 

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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