Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I Heart Makeup Lip Geek Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

Last year I bought 11 of the I Heart Makeup Lip Geek lipsticks, but I never actually got round to swatching them and reviewing them in a blog post. I have worn these lipsticks loads, some more than others, and I thought that I would review them today:)

All of the lipsticks I own have a really creamy texture. Because of the creamy texture they don't last REALLY long on the lips, generally around 3 hours. I did find that some of the lighter shades clung to dry patches on my lips. Also, the shade Marshmallow Kiss was a little too pale for my complexion. Overall, I do like these lipsticks and I would buy more of them but a few of the shades are a little bit hit and miss.

All the shades that I own:

  • Dream About Success
  • Caught Myself Smiling 
    • Ken Will Want Me 
    • Colour Overdose 
    • Barbie Is Jealous 
    • Marshmallow Kiss 
    • Happy Girl 
    • Totally Not Boring 
    • Candy Rock 
    • Live For Today 
    • Just Have Fun
     L-R: Dream About Success, Caught Myself Smiling, Ken Will Want Me and Colour Overdose
     L-R: Barbie Is Jealous, Marshmallow Kiss, Happy Girl and Totally Not Boring
    L-R: Candy Rock, Live For Today and Just Have Fun

    I actually took the time to swatch all of the lipsticks on my lips. I think I used a full tub of lip balm afterwards because they were so sore!

    I hope that you enjoyed this post. Which shade is your favourite? Mine is definitely Totally Not Boring!

    Until next time,
    Emily xo 

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