Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What's In My Handbag?!

Hello everyone!

In April 2015 I did a blog post on everything I keep in my handbag. That was obviously a very long time ago, and so today I am going to be doing an updated what's in my handbag post. I love to know what other people carry in their handbags so hopefully you all enjoy this post!

The Bag...
My bag is from River Island and I actually got it for my birthday in January, so I haven't actually had it for that long. I absolutely love how it isn't just a plain black bag, and you can fit lots of things inside too. I'm always the one who carries a ton of stuff around with me and my handbag is always really heavy. If you want to buy this handbag (£45.00) then you can click here and it will take you straight to the River Island site. 

The first thing that I have in my bag is my phone. Technically, this is never actually in my handbag because it's usually in my hand! I thought I would mention it anyway though. My phone is the silver iPhone 6 and my case is from Ted Baker (find it here for £35.00). I really like this case because it has a mirror on the inside. 

I also like to keep some headphones in my bag so that if I get bored I can listen to my music. 

My purse was from New Look but they no longer sell it anymore. I'm sure you can find similar ones though. It has a lovely floral design with gold detailing on it. I really like to have a colourful purse in my bag so that it is easy to find amongst all of the other junk I have in there! 

I have a little makeup bag inside my handbag and in there I keep; the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, Collection Lasting Perfection powder, the lipstick that I am wearing at the time, hand sanitiser and a mini Beyonce perfume. 

Let me know what you keep in your handbag. Do you think I carry around too much stuff?!

Until next time, 
Emily xo

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