Sunday, 10 April 2016

How Much Is My Makeup Collection Worth?!

Hello everyone!

A little while ago I totalled up my everyday makeup products in order to see how much my face was worth. I wanted to do another post in that sort of style and I recently came across another blogger total up their WHOLE makeup collection. I was so eager to find out how much my makeup collection was worth, and I spent a whole day adding everything up! Here are the results...

Makeup brushes- 19 brushes totalling to £137.88

Primers and setting sprays- 11 items totalling to £101.40

Concealers- 6 items totalling to £41.16

Foundations- 11 items totalling to £120.41

Powders- 12 items totalling to £61.10

Blushers- 20 items totalling to £250.65

Bronzers (including contour products)- 5 items totalling to £39.45

Highlighters- 1 item totalling to £19.50

Mascaras- 17 items totalling to £201.81

Eye liners- 11 items totalling to £56.98

Eye Shadows- 10 items totalling to £77.94

Eye shadow palettes- 11 items totalling to £278.63

Lipsticks, glosses and liners- 77 items totalling to £514.63

Overall total of my collection- 211 items totalling to £1901.54!!!

I think that the main reason I am shocked is because if I didn't buy all of this makeup then I could have bought so many things with that money, including two MacBooks! You can clearly see that most of my money was spent on lip products, which wasn't a surprise for me.

If you decide to total up your full makeup collection then leave a comment below with a link to your post!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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