Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My MAC Collection

Hello everyone!

Over the years I have built up my MAC collection and I wanted to show you it today. I am going to be doing a full makeup collection on my blog soon, but for now I am just going to show you everything I own from MAC. I don't actually own that many products from MAC, and I haven't bought anything from there for a while because I have been trying out a lot of different high end products.

I am going to split this post up into face, eyes and lips. I still don't own any base products (foundations, concealers or powders) from MAC despite mentioning in my last MAC collection that I was going to get some. I have heard lots of mixed reviews on MAC foundations and concealers, but that is not to say I won't get any in the near future!

Face: Blushers
The only three face products I own from MAC are blushers. I have three that I used to use all of the time, but I don't use them that often anymore. I own: Peachykeen (Sheer Tone), Stay Pretty (Pro Longwear) and Well Dressed (Satin). 

The first blush I am going to talk about is Peachykeen. This is a sheer tone blush so it isn't the most pigmented, but it adds a beautiful peachy sheen to the cheeks. I am sure I have said this before, but this does have a lot of shimmer so it isn't everybody's cup of tea! I don't mind the glitter and I think it is the perfect Spring blush. 

Next up, I have Stay Pretty which is a Pro Longwear blush. I think that this blush would compliment all skin tones because it is a pink blush with some blue undertones. The Pro Longwear blushes, in my opinion, last just as well as the other blushes. Another thing to note is that they are slightly more expensive than the 'regular' MAC blushers. 

Finally I am going to talk about the first MAC blush I ever got; Well Dressed. This is a Satin finish blush, so rather than having lots of chunky glitter it just has a sheen to it. This is a cool toned blush and I really like that it isn't extremely pigmented as I do just like to add some subtle colour to my cheeks. 

Eyes: Eye Shadows & Palettes
Including my huge MAC palette, I currently own 21 MAC shadows. I have two single shadows, a quad and a palette with 15 shades in it. I also have one of the MAC paint pots in Bare Study, which I use every single day before I do my eye shadow. Considering I have used this every day for the past year or so, I still have a lot of product left because you really only need a little bit of product. 

I am just going to briefly talk about my 15 shade Warm Neutrals palette because I have done a full post on it (which you can read here). My favourite shades from the palette are Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Gingersnap and Saddle. 

The two single MAC shadows I have are Satin Taupe and All That Glitters. Satin Taupe is a frost finish and I love putting this in the crease if I am doing a smokey eye look. It is a really pretty taupe shade with some silver glitter in it. The other single shadow I have is All That Glitters, which is a shimmery peachy beige shade. 

I also have a MAC quad which I personalised myself about 2 years ago! In the quad I have: Malt, Naked Lunch, Star Violet and Black Tied. This is the perfect quad for when I'm travelling because it has everything in it that I need to create a decent eye look. I can use either Malt or Naked Lunch on my lid, True Violet in my crease and Black Tied in the outer corner. 

Lips: Lipsticks 
I have ten MAC lipsticks, and I haven't bought any more in absolutely ages! I wanted to build my MAC lipstick collection up but I have so many other lip products so I might do that in a few months. 

The shades I have are: Angel, Brave, Creme Cup, Flat Out Fabulous, Hue, Lovelorn, Milan Mode, Pink Pearl Pop, Plink! and Snob. I am not going to do in depth reviews on every individual shade because that would take ages, but I will include the descriptions that are on the MAC website as well as their finishes.
  • Angel- Soft pink, frost finish. 
  • Brave- Pink beige with white pearl, satin finish. 
  • Creme Cup- Light blue pink, cremesheen finish. 
  • Flat Out Fabulous- Bright plum, retro matte finish. 
  • Hue- Soft pale pink, glaze finish.
  • Lovelorn- Emotive blue pink, lustre finish. 
  • Milan Mode- Sheer deep pink with multidimensional pearl, lustre finish. 
  • Pink Pearl Pop- Frosted midtonal pink, cremesheen finish. 
  • Plink!- Warm seashell pink, lustre finish. 
  • Snob- Light neutral pink, satin finish. 

I store all of my MAC lipsticks in a lipstick holder on top of my MUJI drawers. I like to have them on display, and they wouldn't fit inside my MUJI drawers anyway!

Let me know what products you have tried from MAC, and which are your favourites. 

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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