Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Choosing The Perfect Foundation

Hello everyone!

I always have high expectations when it comes to foundation. It has to fit my checklist and cover everything that I want it to cover. Today I am going to be talking about all the different aspects I look for when it comes to foundation shopping.

I have quite a cool skin tone, but I don't really stick to buying cool toned foundations. I vary from cool toned and warm toned foundations depending on the brand. I like to test foundation on my jawline so that I can get the closest match to my skin tone, but sometimes that can be quite difficult. If I can't find a particular foundation that matches my skin tone, I make whatever I can find work!

I tend to look for foundations with medium to full coverage. If I want a light coverage then I will go for a BB cream or tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation. If the foundation I choose is a medium coverage, then it has to be buildable to a full coverage. 

The formula of a foundation is also very important. I have quite oily skin so I go for oil free foundations. One of the best drugstore brands for skin type specific foundation is Revlon. The Revlon Colorstay foundation has two different formulas; one for oily/combination skin and one for dry/normal skin. It is also important that the foundation doesn't cake up. I often find that some foundations cake up around my nose and chin, so a thick foundation is definitely not the one for me.

Lasting Power:
Durability is also a very important aspect of foundation. I like to be assured that my foundation is going to last all day, especially when the foundation is on the pricier side. There are a lot of foundations that claim to last 24 hours, but often they don't live up to this claim. When I first buy a foundation that claims to last for a certain period of time I will apply it as usual (one side with primer, and one side without!) and wear it for as long as possible. I have oily skin so foundation usually slides around my face, when I can find one that doesn't slide around I get so excited! 

Packaging isn't really too important for me. If it is convenient and sturdy then that is okay for me! It is always nice when a foundation has lovely packaging, but it isn't too essential. If I love a foundation that has ugly packaging, it doesn't really put me off too much. 

In the Summer time it is always nice to have a foundation with SPF in it. Again, it isn't really an essential as I do use a moisturiser underneath my foundation which contains SPF. SPF can also be a downside to foundation if you are going to be wearing it when getting your photo taken. SPF is very reflective, so it can make you look washed out and ill in photos! 

What To Avoid:
There are also a few different things that I tend to avoid when it comes to foundation. I like to avoid foundation with a very strong scent as this can break me out. I also avoid foundations that give a very light coverage. What is the point in wearing foundation which looks like you have nothing on your skin?! I also avoid powder foundations because they often offer no coverage and can apply very cakey.

Some of my favourites:
I am going to end this post by listing a few of my favourite foundations that I swear by and use regularly.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation
Revlon Colorstay for oily/combination skin
No7 Beautifully Matte foundation
Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
L'Oreal Infallible 24h foundation
GOSH #FoundationDrops

Let me know in the comments what you look for in a foundation! Do you prefer light coverage or high coverage?

Shop this post: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation (£7.99) // Revlon Colorstay For Oily/Combination Skin (£12.99) // No7 Beautifully Matte foundation (£14.50) // Rimmel Stay Matte foundation (£5.99) // L'Oreal Infallible 24h foundation (£9.99) // GOSH #FoundationDrops (£12.99)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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