Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Everyday Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be talking about the makeup brushes that I use on an everyday basis, and what exactly I use them for. I talk a lot about makeup products on my blog, but I don't really talk about the brushes and tools that I use. I thought that this would be a really good post as I can dedicate it to makeup brushes, rather than actual makeup products.

NOTE: 90% of the brushes I used are Real Techniques!

Primer: It may seem a bit strange, but I actually use a makeup brush for applying primer. I don't really like touching my face too much, so I use the B. Cosmetics Finishing Brush (basically a stippling brush!) just to blend out the primer. I know that a lot of people use their hands to apply primer, but I just like using a brush.

Foundation: For foundation I either use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or the Buffing Brush. I love both of these brushes for foundation as they are really dense and perfect for blending in foundation. I only ever use liquid foundation, so these are perfect for that!

Concealer: For concealer I actually use the Real Techniques Foundation Brush which is from the Core Collection Set. The reason I don't use this brush for foundation is because it is absolutely tiny and if I used this for foundation then it would take hours to blend it in!

Powder: My favourite powder brush is the Real Techniques Powder Blush. I also love the B. Cosmetics powder brush. I love using a big fluffy brush for powder as I just like to sweep the powder all over my face.

Contour: I use two different brushes for contour. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush to apply the contour shade all, and then I buff that out using the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush. The Sculpting Brush is really dense, so it gives a flawless looking contour.

Blush: I like using the Real Techniques Blush Brush for blusher. This is an oval shaped brush which fits really nicely on the apples of my cheeks, applying blusher evenly.

Highlight: I have been looking for a fan brush to use for highlighter, but for the moment I have been using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This brush isn't as big as the B. Cosmetics one that I use for primer, so it is really good for applying highlight onto the cheekbones.

Eyes: I use a range of brushes for my eye makeup. I love the Real Techniques Eye Starter set, which includes 5 different eye brushes. I also like the brushes that come with the Urban Decay Naked 3, Naked Smoky and Alice Through The Looking Glass palettes.

Eyelash Curlers: I am not really too picky when it comes to eyelash curlers. I have been using some from NYX recently, but I am not really bothered about the brand as long as they do the job!

Other: I also have the Real Techniques Setting Brush which I like to use if I have any makeup mishaps. If I get mascara on my skin, for example, then I like to take a little bit of powder onto this brush to clean up my foundation.

Let me know which brushes you use in the comments! And, do you have any fan brush recommendations?

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Until next time,
Emily xo 

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