Sunday, 18 September 2016

New In Beauty #2 | Tanya Burr Cosmetics Christmas

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be sharing with you all of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Christmas makeup releases. I have already done a post where I talk about the Zoella Beauty Christmas products, and I will be doing more of these posts right up until Christmas:)

I have only tried a handful of products from Tanya's permanent makeup line, and I am very excited to try her Christmas products. The packaging is very pretty and there are products in the collection for every budget.

Tanya Burr Presents Beauty Box (£50.00)
This is the most expensive set in the whole collection and you get a lot of different products in it. You can also keep the box and store keepsakes in it. 

Beautifully Defined Palette (£11.00)
This palette is really great because you get eye shadows, a highlight, bronzer and a liquid highlight. I think that this would be great for travel as you have a lot of different makeup products in one palette.

Beauty Holdall Vanity Case (£17.00)
I love the design of this vanity case. It's a very large size so you will be able to fit all of your makeup products in. It is a rose gold design with a pink lip design on it, perfect for storing your everyday makeup in or for travel.

It's Cold Outside Palette (£11.00)
In this little palette you get a blush, highlight and lip gloss. How cute are all of the names too?! 

Mrs Claus Nail Polish Set in Pink (£5.00)
In this set you get a nail file as well as a pink glitter nail varnish which looks absolutely beautiful. I think that this nail polish would look really nice on its own, or layered on top of another nail polish. 

Mrs Claus Nail Polish Set in Red (£5.00)
This set is a similar concept, except this time the nail polish is a gorgeous red wine shade which would be perfect for the Winter season. 

It's Kissmass Lip Gloss Set in Candy Cane (£6.00)
This set is such a great concept, and the name is really cute too:) You get two lip glosses in a red shade and a pink shade. I really liked the lip glosses that used to be available from Tanya's range a few years ago, so I'm sure I would love these too!

12 Day Advent Calendar (£25.00)
This is probably my favourite product from the whole Christmas range. A similar thing was brought out last year but I wasn't actually able to get it because it sold out so quickly. There is a makeup item behind every door on the calendar. You will find everything in this calendar including: lip glosses, nail polishes, liners and glitters.

Pretty Unstoppable (£9.00)
The final item in the Tanya Burr Christmas collection is a palette which contains four eye shadows, a highlight, blush and a matte liquid lipstick. I am very excited to get my hands on one of these palettes and try the products out for myself. 

My favourite product from the collection is definitely the advent calendar as I love that you get a makeup related surprise everyday. What is your favourite item(s) from the collection?!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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