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New In Beauty #3 | Makeup Revolution Christmas

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another 'new in beauty' post. One of my favourite drugstore brands is Makeup Revolution, and they never fail to impress with their Christmas releases. Last year they released both an advent calendar and a chest full of makeup, and they have done exactly the same this year. They have also released loads more exciting gift sets!

I am very excited about a lot of these products and can't wait to get my hands on some of them. There is definitely something for everyone in this huge collection of gifts; with prices ranging from £6 all the way up to £100.

12 Days Of Christmas Storage Chest (£50.00)
There are two versions of the MUR storage chest this year, one is £50 and one is £100. The £50 version includes 12 different products. Some of the items in the storage chest include: a blush palette, 3 eye shadow palettes, strobe cream, eye primer and lots more. 

Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar (£40.00)
If you're not really into chocolate advent calendars, then a makeup calendar is the perfect option (or you could treat yourself to both!). You get 25 products in total, including 3 mini brushes, so you get a makeup treat for every day of December up until the 25th. 

Christmas Storage Chest (£100.00)
The most expensive product in the Makeup Revolution Christmas gift collection is, of course, the humongous chest which is packed full of makeup! There are 12 drawers in total, with a product in every drawer. You can also use the drawers to organise your makeup collection. 

Handbag Hacks Brow Kit (£6.00)
This year Makeup Revolution have released lots of 'Handbag Hacks' kits. The first one is for brows, and consists of a mini brow trio and angled brow brush. 

Handbag Hacks Contour Duo (£6.00)
The next kit is the contour duo. In this set you get a contour duo and a brush. This is the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with contouring, like me!

Handbag Hacks Matte Balm & Mirror (£6.00)
This set has a mattifying balm compact in it as well as a mini blending sponge. This would be great to pop in your handbag if you get oily skin and need to touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Handbag Hacks Strobe Light & Cheeks (£6.00)
I love that these sets all come with a little makeup bag so they are easy to pop in your handbag and then you can just do touch ups throughout the day. This set has a strobe balm, blusher and face brush included in it. 

HD Pro Eye Shadow & Brush Set (£20.00)
This next set includes a 24 shade eye shadow palette which contains some gorgeous neutral shades. You also get three different eye brushes in the set too. This is the perfect kit for someone that is just starting out in makeup, or for someone who tends to lean towards more neutral eye shadow shades.

HD Pro Sculpt & Contour Set (£20.00)
This set is definitely going on my makeup wish list as I love contouring and sculpting my face. In this set you can a Pro HD contour palette which has 8 different contour shades included. You also get two contour brushes and a makeup sponge. With this set you can contour until your hearts content!

HD Pro Strobe Gift Set (£20.00)
Strobing isn't something that I am very familiar with, but it has became a very popular makeup trend over the past few months. This set will also be going on my Christmas list as strobing is something that I do want to try out. This set will be the perfect starting kit for me as you get a strobe palette, two brushes and a strobe stick.

Iconic Nudes Brush Collection (£30.00)
I have never tried any Makeup Revolution brushes but I have heard lots of great things about them. This set is perfect if you are looking for a new set of makeup brushes. In the set you get 5 face brushes as well as 4 eye brushes and a sculpting sponge. 

Ultra Nude Lip Gloss Set (£6.00)
I am all about nude lip colours so this would be the best lip gloss set for me. You get three types of lip gloss in the set, which are: Amplification Intense Lip Gloss, Euphoria Cream Lip Gloss and a Shine Lip Gloss.

Ultra Vamp Lip Gloss Set (£6.00)
The other lip gloss set is more on the darker vampy side. I love wearing darker lip colours in the Autumn/Winter time, so I will definitely be getting this set. You get the same lip gloss types in this set as you do in the nude set which I have just talked about. 

Pro Prime & Colour Correct Gift Set (£20.00)
I absolutely love the look of this gift set and it is definitely getting added to my Christmas wish list! In the set you get a prime and correct palette, fixing spray and two different brushes. I have been wanting to try the fixing spray for a little while as I have heard a lot of great things about it. This set is great, and the brushes look amazing too. 

The Palette Edit (£30.00)
I own quite a few of the Makeup Revolution palettes and they never let me down. If you are wanting to try out some of their palettes then this would definitely be the set for you. You get three different eye shadow palettes in the set, so you definitely won't be running out of eye shadow palettes anytime soon! You also get a bronzing palette and a blush palette. 

Ultra Pro Brow Expert Gift Set (£20.00)
This set includes everything you're ever going to need for your brows, with plenty of colour choices. The set comes with a brow contour palette, which consists of 4 powders, 2 tints, 1 highlighter, 1 strobe balm, 1 brow enhancing wax and 1 brow sealing wax. You also get two eye brow brushes which you can use alongside the brow palette, and a brow & eye primer stick. 

Ultra Pro Collection (£30.00)
I also love the look of this set and I can guarantee I will be purchasing it if I don't receive it as a gift for Christmas. This set has everything in it that you could possibly need to finish off your makeup look. The kit is such good value for money as you are getting a lip palette, blending eye brush, flat contour brush, cream contour kit, Redemption Palette in Smoked Nudes, highlight duo, eye primer and a brow kit. I don't have any of these products so I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection. 

That is everything in the Makeup Revolution Christmas collection. I hope that you are enjoying reading these posts as much as I am enjoying writing them! Let me know what items you are most excited about:)

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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