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New In Beauty #7 | LUSH Cosmetics Individual Christmas Products

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As promised, today I am going to be sharing with you the individual LUSH Christmas 2016 products. I did a post on Sunday where I shared with you all of the gift sets, but the post would have been far too long if I had included all of the individual products too. I hope that you are enjoying these posts, and make sure to let me know what other Christmas themed posts you would like to see:)

Butterbear Bath Bomb (£1.95)
The cheapest product this year is the Butterbear Bath Bomb. This is basically the Butterball Bath Bomb, which is sold all year round, in bath form! In this bath bomb there is cocoa butter, which is very nourishing and moisturising on the skin. 

Star Dust Bath Bomb (£2.95) 
I think that this bath bomb is new to LUSH this year. I have seen this bath bomb in a demo video and there is a multicoloured confetti surprise in the middle, so it's not just a plain white bath bomb.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (£2.95)
Candy Mountain is such a classic LUSH product which never fails to impress. It creates lots and lots of candy floss smelling bubbles. One of my all time favourite LUSH products has got to be this bubble bar!

Santa's Postbox Soap (£3.25/100g) 
Another product which is new to LUSH this year is the Santa's Postbox Soap. In this soap are ingredients such as satsuma and bergamot oil. It has a really cute design with a hint of shimmer too!

Baked Alaska Soap (£3.25/100g)
The next soap was available last year, and it is one of my favourite scents. It is a citrus smelling soap which is something that I absolutely love. The design of this soap is really fun and vibrant, I absolutely love it. 

Shooting Stars Soap (£3.50/100g)
The next soap is also a really fun and vibrant design, with a hint of shimmer to it too. Shooting Stars contains lemon and bergamot oil, which are really uplifting scents. 

Snowcastle Soap (£3.50/100g)
Snowcastle is a new product this year, so I can't really comment too much on the scent. I do know, however, that it contains rose absolute and almond. I can only imagine how amazing this soap smells:)

So White Bath Bomb (£3.75)
The So White Bath Bomb has a new look this year. Last year it was a simple white bath bomb, but this year it has been re designed to look like an apple. I had the shower gel version last year and it smelt just like apples, so I'm sure the bath bomb smells exactly the same. In the centre of the bath bomb there is a blue and green surprise, so it isn't just a boring white bath bomb. 

Father Christmas Bath Bomb (£3.75)
Father Christmas is one of my favourite bath bombs from LUSH as it smells like the famous Snow Fairy shower gel. Underneath the pale pink outer shell is a vivid green shade. This is one of the bath bombs which never fail to impress, year after year. 

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (£3.95)
This is another one of my favourite products from last year, and I actually used one in my bath last week. I love crumbling this into my bath as it creates mountains of deliciously scented bubbles. Fun fact: the eyes are actually real chocolate! 

Snowman Shower Jelly (£3.95/100g)
I also remember using this product last year, and I remember that it smelt exactly like the Easter carrot soap that LUSH sell. If the scent is the same as last year, then I would definitely recommend you pick up this shower jelly as it is such an amazing scented product. 

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar (£3.95)
I am so happy that the Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar is back. I was really sad that this bubble bar wasn't available last year as it was one of my favourites in 2014. I will definitely be stocking up on this bubble bar!

Northern Lights Bath Bomb (£3.95)
A new product this year is the Northern Lights Bath Bomb. This one looks like it will create an amazing colourful display in the bath. Definitely one that I need to get my hands on and see for myself.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar (£3.95)
This bubble bar is also new to LUSH, and is inspired by Dorothy's shoes from The Wizard Of Oz. I think that this bubble bar is more on the floral side, but I haven't smelt it before, that's just going from the scent notes on the LUSH website. 

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (£3.95/100g)
An absolute LUSH classic which comes out every year, the Snow Fairy Shower Gel! Over the past few years I have stocked up on this shower gel every time it is released. It definitely wouldn't be Christmas without Snow Fairy! It smells just like bubble gum and I find that the smell always lingers on me throughout the day whenever I use this, of course that is a good thing though:)

Igloo Soap (£4.25/100g)
This is  a new product this year and I think that the igloo design is so cute! The soap is described as a floral scent on the website, which isn't something I am too keen on, but it looks really pretty and I'm sure that it will be a big hit this year. 

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb (£4.25)
Another new product from LUSH, and this time it's a bath bomb. This isn't a really Christmassey bath bomb but it is in the Christmas range. On the website it says that there is cocoa butter in this  bath bomb, which is really great for the skin, as well as bananas. I can't wait to give this one a sniff in store. 

Snow Angel Bath Melt (£4.25)
This bath melt was around last year in LUSH, and I loved it. It is a very glittery product so it does make a bit of a mess, but it's all worth it for a glittery bath. I think that this one would be really good if you are getting ready for a Christmas party but you want a quick dip in the bath first, because it nourishes the skin whilst leaving a gorgeous shimmer to it. 

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb (£4.25)
Another LUSH Christmas classic is the Luxury Lush Pud. This has been in my favourite LUSH products for a few years now. I love the warm scent that it has to it, and it creates some wonderful colours when in the water. 

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb (£4.25)
Shoot For The Stars has been re designed this year. Last year, the stars were silver but this time they are gold. When in the water it turns the bath a shimmery deep blue. The scent of this bath bomb is really relaxing and is the perfect bath bomb for before bedtime. 

Mistletoe Bath Bomb (£4.25)
Mistletoe is a new bath bomb this year. This is described as 'floral and seductive' on the LUSH website, so I am definitely intrigued to go into store and smell one. I watched a demo video with all of the LUSH Christmas 2016 bath bombs, and this one creates gorgeous purple water. 

Snowie Bubble Bar (£4.25)
This bubble bar is a tribute to David Bowie, hence the name Snowie! It is a very cute snowman with the signature Bowie lightning bolt across the front. I love the LUSH bubble bars because they always create mountains of delicious smelling bubbles, so I can't wait to try one of these. 

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (£4.25)
Golden Wonder is another bath bomb which has been around for a few years. Underneath the outer golden layer is a turquoise surprise. This bath bomb is very uplifting and the perfect treat for a luxurious bath. 

Santa's Belly Shower Jelly (£4.25/100g)
The Santa's Belly Shower Jelly was around last year and I thought it smelt incredible. It does have the same scent as last year; which smells just like apples. The Shower Jelly has fresh apple juice as one of the ingredients, and that is why it smells so amazing. 

Reindeer Rock Soap (£4.75)
Reindeer Rock has a new design this year. I think that last year it was a deep purple colour, but this year it is a vibrant blue shade. Instead of cutting of a slice from one giant soap; this soap is already in the shape of a rock and you buy it just like that.

Rose Jam Shower Gel (£4.95/100g)
Rose Jam was a very popular shower gel last year, so it has been brought back for another year. You can get this shower gel in bubbleroon form throughout the year as well. This isn't on of my favourite scents as you can definitely smell that there is rose in the shower gel, but it is a nice shower gel which was very popular last year and will be again this year. 

Bubbly Shower Gel (£4.95/100g)
The Bubbly Shower Gel is a new addition to the Christmas range this year. I think that this is supposed to smell like Buck's Fizz as it contains orange and grape, but I will have to go in store and smell it for myself. 

Santa Baby Lip Scrub (£5.75)
Another product which is making a re appearance this year is Santa Baby. I still have some of this left from last year and it smells like cola in a tub. I find that with all of the LUSH lip scrubs they really do work, leaving my lips feeling smooth and moisturised. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub (£5.75)
LUSH have added a new lip scrub to the Christmas family this year. Purple is my favourite colour so I love the colour of this lip scrub. One of the ingredients is blackcurrants so I definitely want to try this out, it sounds amazing!

The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95)
This bubble bar went down a treat with me last year. I got many glittery bubbly baths from this bubble bar. Cinnamon is one of my favourite festive scents so I think that this one smells absolutely amazing. I also love that the bubble bar is on a stick of cinnamon, very festive:)

Santasaurus Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95)
This little dinosaur is so cute, it even has a little Christmas hat on! This bubble bar has a lot of citrus ingredients in it including orange and lemon. This would be the perfect bubble bar for a morning bath as it has a very strong and uplifting scent to it. 

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95)
Another one of my personal favourites from last year is the Magic Wand. I actually used the last of last years wand a few days ago. This creates lots of pink bubbles which smell just like candyfloss.

Elf On The Shelf Fun (£5.95)
The LUSH 'Fun' products are one of my favourites. The Fun products act as both shampoo, shower gel, body wash and a bubble bar all in one. With this particular kit you can create an elf. 

Reindeer And Robin Fun (£5.95)
Another Fun from LUSH this year is called Reindeer and Robin. As you can probably guess, you can create robins and reindeer from this Fun. On the LUSH website it says that this smells like fizzy cola bottles, which is something that I definitely want to pick up and try out. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Tint (£5.95)
To go with the new Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub, LUSH have released a corresponding lip tint. This tint gives a pretty plum tint to the lips. I have tried the red Christmas tint before, which I will talk about next, and it lasts really well. I like that when these lip tints wear off they wear off evenly and still look pretty. 

Santa Baby Lip Tint (£5.95)
I have tried this lip tint before last year and I really liked it. I still have some left and I will definitely be getting more wear from it over the next few months. If you are looking for a perfect red shade which isn't too 'in your face' then this is definitely one for you. 

Candy Cane Roulade Shower Smoothie (£5.95/100g)
I have never tried a shower smoothie from LUSH before but they sound like a really great concept. This shower smoothie has cocoa butter in it which is really good for the skin. This also leaves the skin tingling, and I really like that when it comes to body products as it shows that it really is working. 

Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie (£5.95/100g)
The other shower smoothie in the range is called Yog Log. Again, this has cocoa butter in it which moisturises the skin. This shower smoothie is described as spicy and warm. 

Snow Fairy Fun (£5.95)
The final Fun product in the LUSH Christmas range is Snow Fairy scented, which is one of my favourite LUSH scents ever. 

Jester Reusable Bubble Bar (£6.50)
There are a few different re usable bubble bars in this years range, and Jester is the final one. This one sounds really great to me because I love scents just like this. It is a sharp and zesty bubble bar as it is packed full with fruits such as mandarin and tangerine. 

Mr Sandman Dusting Powder (£7.50/40g)
There are two dusting powders for sale this year. I have tried two dusting powders recently and I really like using them for special events. I like dusting them over my neck, shoulders, arms and legs, and they give the perfect amount of shimmer without being too much. Mr Sandman has calming ingredients such as lavender and chamomile. 

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder (£7.50/70g)
The Fairy Dust Dusting Powder is probably my favourite because it is scented just like Snow Fairy. This powder is a pale pink shade which is a nice alternative to Mr Sandman. 

Papa Noel Face Wash Jelly (£7.95/180g)
This is the first time that LUSH have released a face wash in the form of a jelly, and I am really intrigued to try it. This is a really energising product so I think that it would be perfect for washing your face on a morning as it will really wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed for the day ahead. 

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (£7.95/100g)
LUSH have finally made a body conditioner in the Snow Fairy scent! I have been wanting them to create this for such a long time, and they have finally done it. I am going to be walking around smelling like candyfloss from now on:) What else could you possibly want?!

Christingle Body Conditioner (£9.95/100g)
The second to last product in the LUSH Christmas range is another body conditioner called Christingle. I used this product last year and I loved how amazing it left my skin feeling. I really like how this tingles when you apply it. Definitely a very refreshing product to use on a morning. 

Sleepy Body Lotion (£13.95/240g)
The most expensive product in the whole LUSH Christmas collection is the Sleepy Body Lotion. I have tried one LUSH body lotion before and I absolutely loved it. As well as cocoa butter, this body lotion has lavender in it. This would be the perfect night time body moisturiser as it has a really relaxing scent, hence the name Sleepy!

That is all of the individual LUSH Christmas 2016 products. Let me know in the comments which products you are most excited to try out. 

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Until next time, 
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