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New In Beauty | January 2017

Hello everyone!

I really enjoyed doing 'new in beauty' posts over the Christmas period, and I thought that I would continue those on over the coming months. I am going to try and do these blog posts every month; but please do not hold me to that! I will be talking through some of my favourite new releases each month, and I have a collection of products to share with you today:)

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection (£16.00 to £39.00)
I am very excited about this release from Too Faced because everything is gorgeous. Too Faced is a brand that I really want to try out in 2017, and I am loving the look of this collection. The eye shadow palette consists of 18 gorgeous shades which can create endless looks. I am definitely going to try and get my hands on this palette, mainly because I've heard it smells incredible too! Also in the range is a highlighting palette, Papa Don't Peach blush and 4 Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oils. I am also very excited for the blush because it looks like the perfect everyday shade. 

Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach KyShadow Palette ($45.00)
Another peach related release this month is the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach KyShadow palette. I already have one of Kylie's eye palettes and if they're anything to go by then the pigmentation and blendability is amazing. This palette contains 12 shades, which is a step up from the previous Kylie palettes which only contain 9 shades. There is also a full sized mirror in this palette as well as a brush. 

MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection (£11.50 to £24.50)
Caitlyn Jenner has recently released her own line with MAC this year, and I am very excited to get my hands on some of the products. In the collection is 3 gorgeous single shadows, an eye liner, a set of individual lashes, 3 lipsticks, 3 Cremesheen lip glosses, a powder blush duo and a Mineralize Skinfinish. It is hard to tell what each shade looks like online, but I am going to go into the store and swatch the products for myself. And if I like any of the products (I am particularly keen on the eye shadows!) then I will purchase them and review them on here:) 

NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint (£6.00 each)
I have been loving NYX products all through 2016 and they have never failed to impress so far. The latest release from NYX is Lid Lingerie Eye Tints. I have a few of the Lip Lingerie Lipsticks which I absolutely love, so they are definitely something I am interested in trying out. I do think that these have been out for a little while in America, but they have just launched on the Boots website. There are currently 12 shades in the range and I think that they are all nudes and wearable everyday shades, which really appeals to me. I will let you know what I think if I end up trying any of these. 

Clinique x Crayola Limited Edition Set Of 8 Minis:
I would love to get my hands on this collaboration that Clinique have recently released alongside Crayola. I think that it is a very quirky idea and a great way to try out some of the Clinique chubby sticks. I have heard great things about their chubby sticks in general and they come in a whole range of shades. This set in particular contains 8 different shades so there's definitely something for everyone. Do let me know if you decide to buy this limited edition set, it's a bargain at only £35!

That is all of the beauty releases I am excited for this month! Let me know if you like reading these types of posts, and I will definitely carry on doing them:)

Shop this post: Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection (£16.00 to £39.00) // Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach KyShadow Palette ($45.00) // MAC Caitlyn Jenner Collection (£11.50 to £24.50) // NYX Lid Lingerie Eye Tint (£6.00 each) // Clinique x Crayola Limited Edition Set Of 8 Minis (£35.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo

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