Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What's In My Carry On?!

Hello everyone!

With my holiday fast approaching I have been gathering together everything that I am going to be taking with me. I have packed my carry on, which is the handbag I am going to be taking with me on the plane, and I am now going to share with you everything inside it.

My carry on is from River Island and the inside is divided into two separate compartments. The two compartments are great because it means I will be able to pick out specific things without having to search through the whole contents of my bag.

On one side of my bag I have my Michael Kors purse, phone, passport and sunglasses which are from River Island.

On the other side of the bag I have a Jack Wills bag with some basic essentials inside. I also have my makeup bag inside (see what's in it here) because I could not bear to lose it! The first thing I have inside the Jack Wills bag is a hand sanitiser as planes are full of germs and it's always nice to clean your hands now and again. I also have a lip balm in the bag because my lips are generally dry so I always have a lip balm on hand. Finally I have a Garnier Micellar Water, some cotton pads to use the micellar water with and a mini spray on sun lotion. When I get off the plane I might want to apply some SPF so I thought that this mini spray on bottle would be perfect for in my carry on as I will be bringing a larger bottle in my suitcase.

Those are all of the things I am going to be taking in my carry on! Let me know what your in flight essentials are:)

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Until next time,
Emily xo

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