Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Beauty Wish List #8

Hello everyone!

There have been so many beauty releases recently as we are rapidly approaching Autumn. I thought that for today's blog post I would put together a list of the products I am most excited to get my hands on in the coming weeks and months.

Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection:
I was, and still am, a big fan of the 'original' Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection. I use the eye shadow palette pretty much everyday and it never seems to disappoint. Too Faced are expanding their peach themed range of products with the Peaches & Cream collection. I particularly have my eyes on the Just Peachy Matte Eye Shadow palette. The palette consists of 12 fully matte shades and they all smell like peaches and cream. I'm not sure if the scent is the same as the Sweet Peach range as I haven't had a chance to see the products in person, but I am sure all of the products smell delicious!

Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Palette:
Another Too Faced product I currently have my eyes on is the Natural Love palette. This palette has been out for a little while now and I think the shades are gorgeous. The palette is very natural and nude, but that is what I like when it comes to my eye shadows. For £52 you actually get 30 different shades, and I honestly think this is a palette where I would get a lot of use from every shade. 

Urban Decay Shapeshifter Palette:
A few weeks ago I saw this palette mentioned in a blog post and I was immediately intrigued. This palette has everything in it; from contouring to concealing. One side of the palette contains cream products and the other has powder products. I love when brands come out with palettes with a whole host of different products in them as that makes them great for travelling. I definitely want to pick this palette up and try it out for myself, and of course I will let you know what I think of it too! 

Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lip Trio in Skin Show:
I am always hearing people rave about Pat McGrath products, but I personally have never tried any before. I was browsing the website a few days ago when I came across this gorgeous matte lipstick trio. I am a huge matte lipstick fan, as you all should know by now, and I also love nude shades. When I saw the Skin Show trio of matte lipsticks I was immediately drawn. This lip bundle is very pricey, so I think I will just enjoy everyone else's reviews for now, but I would absolutely love to try these out someday. 

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette:
I think that this wish list is all about eye shadow palettes as this is the third one on my wish list! I have tried one Morphe eye shadow palette before and the quality of the shadows was really nice. There has been a lot of hype around the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette, so I feel obliged to try it out so that I can see for myself how the eye shadows perform. I love the shade selection as there is a little bit of everything in this palette, and I feel like it would encourage me to be more experimental with my eye makeup and add some colour into my looks. 

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Face Mask:
I tried the Detox mask from L'Oreal and I really enjoyed it (read the review here!). I was browsing the Boots 'new in' section when I came across the Blemish Rescue mask. I am assuming that this product is new because I have never seen it before, but I really want to try it out. If it's anything like the Detox mask then I will love it. 

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection:
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes. I have loads of RT brushes and I just can't keep up with all of their amazing new releases. The Powder Bleu collection is one of the most recent releases from Real Techniques. These brushes are specifically designed for use with powder products. Real Techniques brushes in general are really soft and sturdy so I am excited to try these ones out soon.

Zoella Lifestyle Range:
I am aware that this is supposed to be a beauty wish list, but Zoella launched a new lifestyle range recently and I am obsessed! I love the colour scheme that Zoe has went with this time, and I definitely need to get my hands on the items. I love the notebooks, the ring holder, the cushions and the 'inspire' desk decoration. Zoe never fails to impress with her releases and I will definitely keep you all posted if I get any of the collection:) 

As always, do let me know in the comments what is on YOUR wish list!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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