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About Me: A To Z

Hello everyone!

Today's post is going to be a little different as it is not beauty related (absolutely shocking, I know!). I recently realised that when I first starting blogging, around 3 years ago now, I never really introduced myself or shared any information about me. It might be three years late, but today I have put together an A to Z dictionary all about me!

P.S. I am so annoyed because the only letter I couldn't think of a fact for was q! I spent ages trying to think of one but I just couldn't:(

In case you didn't know, this is moi! 

A: A Sprinkle Of Emily
A Sprinkle Of Emily is obviously the name of my blog. I'm not really happy with the name and have tried to change it a few times, but it just doesn't feel right every time I change it. 

B: Balloons
I absolutely HATE balloons. Whenever I am around balloon, particularly when children have them, I get really anxious in case they pop. I think that this is quite a common phobia and if you didn't know then the official term for a balloon phobia is globophobia.

C: Capricorn
My Birthday is January 11th so that makes me a Capricorn. I love reading my horoscope online and in magazines. I would like to think that horoscopes are real but 99% of the time it's absolute nonsense! 

D: Dressing Table
My pride and joy of my bedroom is my dressing table. I clean it everyday and I am always re organising my makeup which is inside the drawers. I will be doing an updated makeup collection but I am trying to hold it off until the New Year as I have already done one earlier this year. 

E: Emily
If you couldn't tell by my blog name; my name is Emily! I don't have a middle name, although I often wish that I did. 

F: France
The first place I ever went abroad to was France. I actually went on a school trip about 3 years ago and I had a really good time. On the same trip we also visited Belgium which was only a short drive away. I visited some interesting places in both including the In Flanders Field Museum, Bellewaerde Theme Park, Tyne Cot Cemetery and Nausicaa Sea Life Centre. I will include some images in this post so you can see what I got up to whilst I was there. 

G: Glitter
I am a typical girl- AKA I love anything glittery! My glitter obsession is real. I have a pair of glittery gold boots from River Island which I pretty much wore everyday for a year straight, and I still continue to wear them today just not as often. I did feature the boots in my 2016 favourites but I will show a picture of them in this post too. 

H: Home Alone
My favourite film of all time is Home Alone. I absolutely love the first and second film and watch them all year round, which is probably why I'm always in the Christmas spirit! I haven't seen the third film but I have heard that it isn't half as good as the first two. 

I: Imagination
I have a really vivid imagination and I used to always write stories and novels. One of my short stories was actually featured in a short story book a few years ago. I would include a picture in this post but I have no idea where the book is, but it is somewhere in my house! I do want to continue with my story writing as it really brings out my imaginative side. If I ever write something good enough then I may post it on my blog; we'll just have to see:) 

J: Justin Bieber
I used to be the BIGGEST Justin Bieber fan. I still am a big fan but not as much as 6 years ago; when my bedroom walls were covered in JB posters. Also, in November 2011 I actually met the man himself! I won a competition to meet him at the Westfield Centre in London when he was switching on the Christmas lights. I did get a photo with him but it's really embarrassing. I will include it in this post but I am going to hide the faces haha! 

K: Kiwi
My favourite fruit is Kiwi. There isn't really much to say about this, apart from I think it tastes really yummy.

L: Liquid Lipsticks
For a long time now I have only worn matte liquid lipsticks. I prefer liquid lipsticks over regular bullet lipsticks as I find they generally last far longer on the lips and they are also easier to apply in my opinion. I have done a whole blog post on my favourite liquid lipsticks, so do check that out if you're interested:) 

M: Midwife
I have wanted to be a midwife for the longest time ever now. It is such a rewarding, and challenging at times, job. In the next few years I am going to be going to University and when that arises I will be studying midwifery. Hopefully in five years time I am a fully qualified midwife!

N: Newcastle
I'm not sure if you many of you know this, but I am from Newcastle. And it's the one in England not Australia btw!

O: One Hundred And Thirty Nine
One hundred and thirty nine. How many lipsticks I owned when I last counted. I love my lip products and I love to have options, even if I only ever wear the nude liquid lipsticks in my collection!

P: Pets
I don't have any pets but my grandparents have two cats, Toby and Bubbles, which I absolutely love and have featured on my blog a few times now. Although I love cats I think that I will probably end up getting a pet dog as I would love to take it out on walks. 

R: Reading
I love to read on a night time before I go to bed. I recently finished reading The Start Of Me And You as well as History Is All You Left Me, both of which were great reads. I often have two or three books on the go at one time; and once I've started reading I find it really difficult to stop. 

S: Shopping
Aside from blogging, shopping is definitely my favourite hobby. I love going to the shops and browsing through makeup and clothes, but I also love online shopping too. I have been cutting back on my spending and saving up as we're approaching Christmas but I still love treating myself every now and again. 

I have a condition called TMD, which is short for Temporomandibular Disorder. I have had the problem for a few years now and it is basically where my jaw, both sides, click and pop. It can be very painful and causes a host of other medical problems such as ear infections too, but it definitely doesn't stop me from talking too much! 

U: Unicorn Trend
First of all I would just like to thank Charlotte for this idea. I was having a really hard time trying to think of something to write under the letter u, but I think this suffices. The unicorn trend has been a very big part of 2017 and I have only recently picked up on the trend. I may be a little late to the party but I have been loving the I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart Highlighter. The product is just absolutely stunning and deserves a lot more recognition. 

V: Vision
You've probably noticed by my Instagram photos; I wear glasses! My glasses are for viewing things that are far away (so I am short sighted) and I actually have really bad eye sight. If I take my glasses off I literally cannot see anything past a metre away! I did try contact lenses a few weeks ago as I wanted a change from glasses, but I just couldn't get the hang of them so I'm sticking to glasses for now at least. 

W: Winter
My favourite season is Winter. I love the dark nights and cosying up in front of the TV with fluffy pyjamas on. One of the other reasons why I love Winter is because of Christmas. Who doesn't love Christmas?!

X: X Ray
Another medical fact about me is that I have only ever had one x ray in my life. I broke my right little finger a few years ago and that was the very first, and last, time I had an x ray. This is all I could think about writing for this section as there really aren't that many words beginning with x!

Y: YouTube
I watch a significant amount of YouTube; especially makeup related videos. Some of my favourite YouTubers include Jeffree Star, the SacconeJolys, Manny MUA and Shaaanxo. I have actually always wanted to start my own channel but I don't have the confidence to do it. In the near future I might consider starting a channel but I am quite happy just blogging at the moment. 

Z: Zoo
I have only been to the zoo a handful of times but it's one of my favourite places to go on a day out. I have been to Edinburgh Zoo this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also went to Blackpool Zoo a few years ago and that was really good too. I have a few photos that I took in Edinburgh Zoo, but I don't think I have any from Blackpool unfortunately.

I would like to thank Alexandra for this really great idea (read her post here). I would love to know more about my readers too, so leave an interesting fact in the comments about yourself!

Until next time,
Emily xo

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