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If I Had £5K... | Designer Wish List

Hello everyone!

Have you ever fantasised about what you would buy if you miraculously won £5,000; because I certainly have! I often spend hours browsing designer websites lusting over the latest fashion and beauty pieces, but I very rarely splash out and give in to temptation. In today's blog post I thought that it would be really fun if I shared what luxury items I would buy if I had £5,000 to spare!

Michael Kors Margaret Leather Ankle Boot in Black (£195.00):
I only own two Michael Kors products but I am definitely looking to expand my collection. I have a MK handbag and purse, so I think the next item I would buy is some shoes. I love these boots in particular as they have a nice sized heel and they are black; and black goes with everything! They also look like they would last a very long time as MK products in general are really good quality pieces.

Ted Baker Gem Garden 8 Wheel Medium Suitcase (£265.00):
If you had £5K you probably wouldn't think of buying a suitcase, but I have wanted a Ted Baker one for years! I have seen countless images on Instagram of Ted Baker suitcases and they just look so aesthetically pleasing, but sturdy and practical at the same time. I saw this particular one on the House of Fraser website and I just fell in love with it; however I probably don't do enough travelling to justify investing in this suitcase at the moment. 

Burberry The Kensington Extra Long Heritage Trench Coat (£1,495):
I don't think I could ever justify buying this trench coat, even if I do really like the design. Burberry is such a luxury brand and I would love to have some of their fashion pieces in my wardrobe, but they are SUCH an investment. I love trench coats in general and you can get some really nice ones from high street stores. To be honest, I actually think that I would be scared to wear this coat in case it got damaged! 

La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation (£85.00):
The most I have ever spent on a foundation is around the £30 mark, so buying a foundation that is almost £100 would definitely be a step up from that. I hate using high end foundations as it is because I know that when I run out I will have to repurchase, but I can't imagine how much I would be spending if I repurchased this every other month or so. Apart from that, I have only heard great things about this foundation so I would definitely love to try it out if I was ever lucky enough to do so. 

Sophia Webster Chiara Black Iridescent Heels (£450.00):
I recall seeing these gorgeous heels on Instagram a while ago, and they truly are breathtaking. I absolutely love these shoes as the butterfly design is very original. I don't think I have ever seen a pair of shoes as gorgeous as these ones are, and they come in a whole range of colours and designs if you aren't a fan of the black suede and iridescent wings.

YSL Small Lou Lou Chain Bag in Pale Blush (£1,250):
I am usually only a fan of black handbags but when I saw this pale pink YSL handbag on their website I instantly wanted it. I love the colour and the design in general of the bag, even though I am not usually a fan of long chained bags either. These bags also come in a number of other colours so there is definitely something for everyone. The one thing I don't like about the bag is that there is no zip fastening but that is just me being picky:) 

Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour (£70.00 each):
Christian Louboutin is famously known for their red soled shoes, but they have also released a beauty range. I have my eyes on their range of matte lipsticks because, as we all know by now, I love a good matte lipstick. These lipsticks are going to set you back £70 per lipstick which I would usually think is ridiculous for one lipstick, but the packaging is just too luxurious. This is definitely more of a collectors item and I am not sure whether I would even use the lipstick because it just looks too nice to spoil!

GUCCI Embroidered Sneakers (£395.00):
As much as it is nice to have lots of expensive heels, it is always nice to have a nice comfy pair of flats to wear. I have saw lots of hype online about these trainers but I don't know how I would feel about spending so much on a pair of trainers, even though they are really nice. I also love the little bee design on the side of them, it's so cute.

Prada Sunglasses (around £180.00):
The final thing I would buy is a pair of Prada sunglasses. The most expensive sunglasses I own at the minute are from Ted Baker and they were about £150, so these aren't too much more expensive. I don't really get that much opportunity to wear sunglasses as I live in England and we don't even get much sunshine even in Summer, but I would take them on holiday with me. There isn't a specific style that I have on my wish list, as I would love any of them, though! 

Total wish list cost: £4,385

Let me know in the comments what your dream designer purchases are!

Shop this post: Michael Kors Margaret Leather Ankle Boot in Black (£195.00) // Ted Baker Gem Garden 8 Wheel Medium Suitcase (£265.00) // Burberry The Kensington Extra Long Heritage Trench Coat (£1,495) // La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation (£85.00) // Sophia Webster Chiara Black Iridescent Heels (£450.00) // YSL Small Lou Lou Chain Bag in Pale Blush (£1,250) // Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour (£70.00 each) // GUCCI Embroidered Sneakers (£395.00) // Prada Sunglasses (around £180.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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