Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What's In My Bag | College Edition

Hello everyone!

I had been meaning to do a 'What's In My Bag' in September when it was back to school/college/uni season, but I somehow never got around to doing it. Today I thought that I would share all of the things I keep in my handbag for college- better late than never, right?!

The Bag:
I am obsessed with my bag as it is really pretty but practical at the same time. The bag is from a brand called Red Herring, which is sold in Debenhams. It cost me £35, so it really wasn't too expensive at all. I love the embroidered detailing, and it actually matches a pair of embroidered jeans which I own from Boohoo! The bag is also really spacious and I can fit tons of stuff in it, so it's definitely the perfect size for school/college/uni etc. 

I have a few different books in my bag and they all have different purposes. It is amazing how many different books I carry around with me, but I use them all pretty much on a daily basis! 

The first book I have in my bag is an academic planner. I was provided a planner by my college but it was really small and you couldn't fit a whole lot in it; so I bought my own. I got this one from Asda and it was very cheap, but it does the job! I use my planner for noting down any work I have to do, and I also note down any appointments or important things that I need to remember. 

I also carry with me a lined notebook for jotting down notes. I don't know where this notebook is from but they are really inexpensive if you purchase them from supermarkets. I also like refill pads because, although they're nothing particularly fancy, they contain lots of pages for writing notes and they usually cost around £3. 

The final books in my bag are textbooks which are specific to the subject I am studying at college, but this obviously varies for everyone. I am studying healthcare so all of my books are health related. I am loving the course so far and it can lead to many different career sectors. I already know, however, that I would like to study further and become a midwife. 

Pencil Case:
Of course I also have a pencil case in my bag. My pencil case is from Asda and, again, it was really cheap. Inside my pencil case I have some black biros, a few pencils and some highlighters. 

I carry a small Jack Wills makeup bag around with me and that includes most of my beauty essentials. I actually dedicated a whole blog post to showing you what's in the bag. If you would like to see what's in the bag then you can click here

Other Bits & Pieces:
Onto the random bits in my bag now; and there is a lot! First of all I have my portable charger and charging wire. My phone dies quite quickly so I like to keep these in my bag so that I can charge it throughout the college day. The charger is from Primark and cost around £10, but I have had it for a while and it works just as well as expensive portable chargers. 

To go along with my charger I also have my phone, but this is more than often in my hand rather than my bag! I also like to carry my headphones with me in case I want to listen to some music or watch a bit of YouTube in between classes.

I always carry my Michael Kors purse on me as well, just in case I want to buy anything. There are a few Costa's in and around my college building- so I bet you can imagine where I spend the majority of my money!

Finally, I always have a tub of chewing gum in my bag. I like to chew on this throughout the day as it's really handy for freshening up your breath! 

I hope that you all enjoyed finding out what's in my bag! What are your handbag essentials?

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Until next time,
Emily xo

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