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Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2017

Hello everyone!

It is getting to that time of year when there are a lot of exciting new product releases for Christmas starting to appear in shops. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of my favourite beauty releases specifically for Christmas.

Today I am going to be sharing all of the items in the new Zoella Beauty 2017 Christmas range. I am absolutely in love with the packaging of this range, and I am also obsessed with the creative names of everything too.

Winter Wonderhand (£6.00):
Winter Wonderhand, if you couldn't already tell, is a handcream! I love the Zoella hand cream that was released last year and it is an absolute life saver in the Winter, which is when my hands get very dry and dehydrated. 

Snow Balmy Lip Balm Duo (£7.00):
This is a lip balm duo which consists of two star shaped lip balms- enriched with peony and mint. 

All Four You Mini Body Mist Set (£16.00):
I was a big fan of the miniature body mist set that was released last year and Zoe has released a brand new set this year! This time round the set contains Blissful Mistful, Snowella, Bake My Day and Gelateau. 

I'm Dreaming Of A Bath Filled With Bubbles (£14.00):
This gift set is perfect for a cosy night in as it has everything you need to pamper yourself. The set is reasonably priced, and consists of the following: Snow Bubbly Bubble Bath, Snow Silky Body Lotion, exfoliating mitts and a really cute bow headband. 

Snowella Fragrance Set (£14.00):
The new body mist for Christmas 2017 is called Snowella, which was actually Zoe's name on Twitter last Christmas! You can purchase the fragrance separately or you can get it in a gift set with the corresponding Snow Silky body lotion. 

Brew Me A Bath (£14.00):
Brew Me A Bath is probably one of my favourite sets from the Christmas range. This set contains the Splash Of Milk bath milk powder as well as the Brew Me A Bath tea bags. I have never used tea bags in the bath but these seem really intriguing, so I will definitely have to try them out!

Snowella Body Mist (£12.00):
If you don't fancy the Snowella fragrance set which also contains a body lotion then you can also buy a 100ml bottle of the body mist separately. 

You're Cracking (£12.00):
I love little gift sets that are in cracker form. The You're Cracking set includes three miniature sized Zoella products which are described as 'bathing essentials'. 

Sprarry Night Set (£11.00):
First of all I absolutely love the name of this set; it is one of my personal favourites! Sparry Night includes a body polish and body butter. The products are infused with peony, mint and cranberry. I haven't smelt any of the products in this range yet but I can only imagine how amazing they smell:)

Merry & Bright Bath Soak (£10.00):
Merry & Bright is a gorgeous shimmering bubble bath which comes in a very Tumblr-looking glass jar. I am a sucker for packaging and I think that this would look great on the side of the bath tub!

We're On A Roll Roller ball Set (£9.00):
Roller ball fragrances are so handy because you can throw them in your handbag or take them travelling. I can't believe that you get three roller ball fragrances in this set, all for just £9. I will definitely be stocking up on these because I can see myself using these all year round.

Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers (£8.00):
There was obviously going to be some sort of bath fizzer in the range as Zoella has released bath fizzers in every new collection of hers. Last year the bath fizzers were gingerbread man shaped, and this year they are in the shape of snowflakes. These have shea butter in them so they are really moisturising for the skin too. 

A Winter Soiree Set (£16.00):
I love the little bag that comes with this set as it looks perfect for popping in your handbag with all of your makeup essentials in. The bag contains the Snowella roller ball fragrance as well as a hand cream.

No Peeking Gift Set (£30.00):
The second most expensive item in the range is the No Peeking gift set; which consists of a stocking and three miniature products. The stocking is so cute and I love the faux fur trim that it has.  

Treasure Me Gift Set (£40.00):
Last but not least; there is the Treasure Me gift set. This set is packed full with 8 amazing products, all from the Snowella range. This would be an amazing gift for someone who is a big fan of Zoella Beauty; or just beauty in general. This is definitely going to be going on my Christmas wish list too! 

Are you excited about the Zoella Beauty Christmas range? Will you be purchasing any of the products?!

Shop this post: Winter Wonderhand (£6.00) // Snow Balmy (£7.00) // All Four You (£16.00) // I'm Dreaming Of A Bath Filled With Bubbles (£14.00) // Snowella Fragrance Set (£14.00) // Brew Me A Bath (£14.00) // Snowella Fragrance Mist 100ml (£12.00) // You're Cracking (£12.00) // Sparry Night Set (£11.00) // Merry & Bright Bath Soak (£10.00) // We're On A Roll (£9.00) // Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers (£8.00) // A Winter Soiree Set (£16.00) // No Peeking (£30.00) // Treasure Me (£40.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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