Sunday, 31 December 2017

Revisiting My Most Popular Posts Of 2017

Hello everyone!

This year seems to have went by in a flash, I can't believe we're just hours away from 2018! For today's blog post I am going to be looking back at my five most popular posts of the year:)

5. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette | Review & Swatches
The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette has to be one of my favourite eye shadow palettes of 2017, so it is very fitting that it's my 5th most popular post of the year. I loved, and still do love, everything about this palette. The shades are beautiful and I have gotten so much use from it ever since I bought it. It's still a big thumbs up from me!
Around August/September time I did a series on my blog where I dedicated a number of posts to different makeup brands. The whole series was a huge hit for my blog, and the MUA post happened to be my 4th most popular post of the year. MUA is a brand which I still reach for on a very regular basis as I love the affordability but also quality of their products. 

I have really enjoyed writing 'Currently Loving' blog posts this year, and I will 100% continue writing them next year too. The last post I did was in July, so it has been quite a while since my last one. I will be posting another one soon, so definitely keep an eye out for the return of the 'Currently Loving' posts:)

My second most viewed post of 2017 is the updated makeup collection which I posted right at the beginning of the year. My makeup collection has expanded quite a lot since then and I have also improved on my storage method. I will be following tradition and posting a 2018 makeup collection in the next month or so, so definitely stay tuned for that.

And now for my most popular post of 2017... I must admit, I definitely was not expecting this one! I was sure that my most popular post would be my makeup collection but I was wrong on that! My most popular post was a review that I did on the LA Girl Pro Coverage HD foundation, back in July. I am still using this foundation as I really like the glowy properties that it has, but as I mentioned in the post it is obviously still too dark for me. It was brilliant for when I was on holiday, however, as I did get quite a nice tan. 

I hope that you all enjoyed looking back with me at my most popular posts from the year. I will be back in a few days with another post. Until then, Happy New Year!

Until next time,
Emily xo

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