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Degustabox | February 2018*

Hello everyone!

We are now in the month of March but I just couldn't let the month go by without reviewing the February Degustabox before I receive this month's box. I have been so busy lately that I just didn't get a chance to review the box as soon as it arrived like I usually do- but better late than never, right?!

True Nopal Cactus Water (RRP £3.49):
Cactus water is something that I have never tried before, and it did sound a little strange to me when I first looked at it. I must say, I was actually pleasantly surprised as I seemed to enjoy this water. It tastes a bit like watered down cranberry juice and was nice and refreshing too. 

Primrose's Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli (RRP £4.99):
This is advertised as the 'product of the month' for the February 2018 Degustabox. This is the one product in the box which I have actually not got round to trying yet but I am keen to try this and see what I think. 

Dr. Karg's Organic Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Crispbread (RRP £2.00):
I do like a good crispbread as a snack as they're really tasty and filling too. I really enjoyed these crispbreads with a bit of margarine on them. I knew that I would enjoy these as soon as I spotted them in my box!

The Protein Ball Co. Cherry + Almond (2 x RRP £1.99):
I am not a fan of these protein balls if I'm honest. They do taste like cherry bakewell, as advertised, but I don't really like cherry bakewell so I knew from the outset that I wouldn't enjoy these. I know that a lot of people would like these though as cherry bakewell is a fairly popular dessert in the UK.

Emily Crunchy Red Apple Crisps (RRP £0.99):
I was excited to see a familiar product in this month's box. I bought some dried banana crisps from this brand in the airport last year when I went on holiday, and I enjoyed them a lot. These apple crisps were just as yummy; and not too unhealthy either!

Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites (RRP £2.49):
I'm usually not a fan of pretzels or pepper but I'm happy to say that these taste amazing and I have been snacking on these a lot recently. I was so surprised that I actually liked these and I would buy these again as they're low in calories but very tasty. 

Tootsie Roll Midgees (RRP £2.50):
I love trying out new American candy which I wouldn't get to try here in the UK otherwise. I have heard a lot about Tootsie Rolls and I can understand why they are very popular over in America. They were a little hard to chew but that only allowed me to really taste the flavour, and I ate less because they took so long to eat haha!

Haribo Fruitilicious (2 x RRP £1.29):
I love Haribo's so I was happy when I saw not one but two bags in my box. These taste just like any other Haribo sweet- delicious!

Kit Kat Chunky New York Cheesecake (RRP £0.65):
I did taste this Kit Kat before my Dad ate it with a cup of tea and I have to day that it didn't really taste any different from a regular Kit Kat. Don't get me wrong, it was nice, but it didn't have that much of a New York Cheesecake flavour to me.  

Vimto Millions (RRP £2.99):
These Vimto Millions did feature in the October 2017 Degustabox so I'm not sure why they're already in other box of theirs. They are nice to have in your bag and chew on throughout the day but I would have liked to have received a different product that I've never tried before. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review of the February 2018 Degustabox. You may notice that I did change it up a little as I decided it would be nice to do individual reviews on each product, so that is what I'm going to be doing from now on:) What are your favourites from this month's box?

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Until next time,
Emily xo 

*The products featured in this review were sent to me for review however all opinions remain my own!

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