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Makeup Collection: Eye Shadow Palettes

Hello everyone!

I must say, I am really enjoying my makeup collection series which I have had on my blog over the past few weeks. Today I am going to be sharing all of the gorgeous eye shadow palettes!

MAC Warm Neutrals Palette:
This is such a staple in my makeup collection as it has 15 gorgeous shades which I can use to create endless amounts of looks. The shades are all warm toned, which is what I like best, and they're all really pigmented just as any MAC eye shadow usually is. 

MAC Custom Palette:
I created this custom MAC quad quite a while ago now. I love the shades in this as they are perfect for creating either a natural looking eye shadow look or a more smokey dark look. I definitely want to design more custom MAC palettes in the future as it is the perfect way to put all of your favourite eye shadows in one place. 

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Palette:
These next two palettes I am going to share with you are both from Collection and they're really affordable too. I love using them for quick and easy eye makeup looks as the shades are really easy to blend making them great for quick application. The shades in the Nude Palette are very natural looking and perfect for everyday wear.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette:
The other Collection palette I own is my favourite because the shades are really pigmented and shimmery. I took this on holiday with me last year as they looked beautiful on tanned skin. I definitely recommend the Nude Bronze palette if you are looking to buy just one Collection palette!

Makeup Revolution Redemption Day To Night:
I own quite a few Makeup Revolution palettes as they're quality is amazing for the price you pay. The first palette I own is this one, which contains such a wide range of shades. This is perfect because, just as the name suggests, there are shades in here for both daytime and nighttime. The first half of the palette is more on the neutral side and the final 6 shades are so gorgeous and create a mean smokey eye look!

Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette:
I love this eye shadow palette as the colour scheme reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which is something I have wanted for ages. There are mattes, shimmers and everything in between in this palette- so you're guaranteed to enjoy it a lot!

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette:
I am not someone who usually incorporates a lot of colour into my makeup looks but I absolutely love the colours in this palette anyway. The shades are all really pigmented and look gorgeous, I especially love the purples and greens. 

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette:
Of course I also own a 'safe' palette AKA a neutral palette. I own so many different nude eye shadow palettes because you just can't have enough of them when you use nude shadows pretty much everyday. This does consist of mainly shimmers but it's lovely nonetheless. 

Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Palette:
The final Makeup Revolution palette I own is definitely one of my favourites. I really like how there are 6 matte shadows at the bottom of the palette which are great to start a makeup look, and then there are 12 gorgeous super glittery shadows to really make your eye look more glam. 

NYX Gumdrop, Tryst & Showgirl:
Just as I mentioned with the custom MAC palette, I love the idea of custom palettes because you can tailor them to your preferences. I have so far got 3 shadows in my NYX custom palette so I definitely need to add some more shades, but the three shades that are in there so far are blendable and the copper shade looks so stunning when applied with a damp brush or the finger. 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette:
Whenever I use this Too Faced palette I just cannot stop smelling it because the shades smell so yummy. I just love everything about this palette and it's definitely needed in any makeup bag. 

MUA Spring Break Palette:
I have three MUA palettes in my makeup collection and they are really nice palettes if you're on a budget. They cost £4 each and you get 12 shadows in each palette, so that's around just 33p per shade. I think that that is an absolute steal for shadows which have some great pigmentation. The first MUA palette I own is this Spring Break palette. Unfortunately it was a limited edition palette so it's no longer available, but the shades are still really pretty for the Spring time. I am loving the purple shades and also the really glittery gold shade!

MUA 5th Birthday Palette:
The 5th Birthday palette is definitely my favourite palette out of the three I own because the looks you can create with this are beautiful. There are some matte shades in this which are perfect for starting off your eye look, and then there are some really glittery shades which look stunning on the lid. The glittery shades are really pigmented and I especially love the copper shade and also the pink shades. Again this is a limited edition palette which is such a shame because this is definitely the one you need in your makeup bag! 

MUA Undressed Palette:
Thankfully this MUA palette is still available to purchase as it's a really good one too! This palette is more of your 'everyday' palette as it's filled with lots of lovely nude shades. As you can tell from the image I have used this palette quite a lot because it's just so easy to work with. Again, I do like the glittery shadows a lot because I find that they have a lot more colour payoff but the mattes are nice too. 

Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette: 
This palette probably cost me the most money out of all of my high end palettes because the shipping and customs charges were ridiculous! I absolutely treasure this palette and don't like using it all too often because, although it's an amazing palette especially in the Autumn/Winter months, I probably would never repurchase it. Like I mentioned, there are some beautiful warm toned shades in this palette for the colder months and all of the shades blend out seamlessly on my eyes. If I am using this palette then my go to shades are the top middle shade in the crease, bottom left and right shades in the outer corner, middle left shade on the centre of the lid and top left shade in the outer corner. 

Sleek I Divine in Oh So Special:
I haven't really reached for this palette in a long time because it sits at the back of my makeup drawer and I always forget that I own this. It isn't a terrible eye shadow palette but it's not the best palette I own either. The shade range is pretty but it is very similar to a lot of my other eye shadow palettes, such as the Too Faced Sweet Peach, and I don't really enjoy using this as much as I enjoy using palettes like the Sweet Peach. Most of the shades are pigmented with the exception of one or two, and they are quite difficult to blend on the most part. I did use this palette quite often a few years ago because I thought it was brilliant, until I discovered some of the other palettes I have mentioned in this post haha!

Nip + Fab Sculpted Palette:
Nip + Fab is a brand which I have only discovered fairly recently, but I am really enjoying using their products. I like the fact that this eye shadow palette mostly consists of matte shadows as that is quite rare. Usually matte shadows are quite hard to blend but these blend out really well and don't look patchy or unflattering. The colour scheme of this palette is great for me and I like that there are a few shimmery shades amongst the mattes. 

Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette: 
I was so happy when I bought this palette because I have been lusting over Zoeva makeup for ages- they're items are just so pretty! I had high expectations for this palette and it totally blew me away with how amazing it is. Just look at those shades- they're stunning! You can create natural looks with this palette and you can also add pops of colour to your looks too, which is what I love about the shade range. I also want to mention that the palette is so thin which means you can easily take this travelling with you, although it would be nice if there was a mirror included too:) 

Morphe Copper Spice 25A Palette:
There are so many gorgeous looking Morphe eye shadow palettes and this one is definitely no exception. There are lots and lots of matte shadows in this palette so if those are what you like then this palette will be great for you. There is also an entire row of shadows which are super shimmery and they have insane pigmentation. They also look stunning when applied with a damp brush. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:
I am completely obsessed with Urban Decay eye shadow palettes despite owning only 3! Urban Decay shadows are some of the most high quality eye shadows I have ever tried and you definitely cannot go wrong with them; especially the Naked palettes. I have no idea why I don't own the original Naked palette or the Naked 2 palette because I love the others so much, so those are definitely going to be added to my collection in the future. The Naked 3 palette is full of beautiful rose gold shadows so if that's something you like then you will definitely be a fan of this palette. 

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette:
The second Urban Decay Naked palette I own is the Smoky edition which, you guessed it, is full of gorgeous shades to create lots of smoky eye looks. Just like any other Urban Decay eye shadow, the shadows in this palette are pigmented and blend nicely. I like that for every matte shade there is also a corresponding shimmery shade which is similar, and that way you can alternate between shimmery smoky eye looks and matte looks. 

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette:
The last UD Naked palette in my collection is the most recent palette to be released, of course I'm talking about the Naked Heat! I do go for warm toned eye shadows the most because I feel like they compliment my skin tone the most, so the shades in this palette are very much my every day eye shadow shades. Again, I cannot fault the formula of these eye shadows as they tick every box for me. 

Those are all of my eye shadow palettes- I know, there's quite a few! What is your all time favourite eye shadow palette?

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Until next time,
Emily xo

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