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Makeup Collection: Blushers

Hello everyone!

Blusher is something that I have recently rediscovered, after going about 2 years without wearing it! I love that blushers come in a lot of lovely shades which can brighten the skin up and give you a healthy flush of colour. Keep on reading if you want to find out which blushers I have in my makeup collection:)

Makeup Revolution Hot Spice Blusher Palette:
I have two of these blusher palettes from Makeup Revolution, each of which contain 8 different shades. Hot Spice consists of 7 peach blusher shades alongside a peachy toned highlighter. I am a big fan of peach blushers because I feel like they compliment my skin tone the best and look really natural too. The highlighter is very pigmented and I think it looks stunning on top of a blusher for extra glowy cheekbones. 

Makeup Revolution Sugar & Spice Blusher Palette:
The other Makeup Revolution blusher palette I have is called Sugar & Spice, which has a few natural looking blushers as well as some bright pink blushers and a very white shimmery highlighter. I do like the first two blushers on the top row because as I said earlier I do like a blusher which is more on the natural side, but I haven't really used the others all too much because they're just too bright for me personally. 

Nip + Fab Blusher Palette in Blushed:
A recent addition to my blusher collection is this Nip + Fab palette, which I am absolutely loving at the moment. If I'm wearing blusher then I can guarantee that it will be one of these shades. I just can't fault this palette because I use all of the shades regularly and they're really easy to blend too. 

Soap & Glory Peach Party:
If you like a super shimmery peach blusher then you will definitely love this Soap & Glory blush as much as I do! You can swirl all of shades together or you can take a finer brush and apply just one shade. This is your highlighter and blush in one and you just need to try it out:)

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush:
I also have a second shade in the Soap & Glory blush, but I definitely prefer the peach shade for me personally. This shade is still very pretty as it's pigmented and again, packed full of shimmer. 

Benefit Rockateur:
The first of two Benefit blushers I own is Rockateur, and it's got to be my favourite of the two. A lot of people are not a fan of this blusher because of the strong perfume scent but I seem to really like it, but I guess that's down to personal preference really. This is a nice rose toned natural blush with a sheen so it's not full of shimmer like the previous blushers I have talked about. 

Benefit Dandelion:
My other Benefit blush is Dandelion, a blush which is a pretty light pink shade. I actually really like this blush as it's just the right amount of pink for the cheeks and isn't too overpowering. This is advertised as a finishing powder but I definitely could not see myself applying this all over my face as it would just be too much pink for me! 

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Lemonade:
Now this palette is looking VERY pink! In the Pink Lemonade trio by Sleek there are two powder blushers and a cream blusher. I am not the biggest fan of the cream blusher because it does apply very thickly and looks a bit crazy as it' so hard to blend out. The far left blusher is a little overpowering for me but I love the blusher on the far left as it is a very buildable shade. 

Sleek Creme To Powder Blush in French Rose:
When I first got this blusher I did use it quite frequently and I did enjoy it a lot too, but I am going to have to throw it away because it has dried out. I did try to use this but the formula is so dry now and looks very streaky on the skin. It was great when I first bought it as it blended with ease- it's just a shame it's not so great now. 

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold:
This Sleek blusher is such a classic as it's very well known for being a brilliant dupe for NARS Orgasm. The rose gold shade is very pretty for my skin tone and the gold glitter looks lovely too. I definitely need to start using this more often again because I used to absolutely swear by this. 

MAC Blush in Stay Pretty: 
The first of my three MAC blushers is Stay Pretty. I was so sad to see that this blusher has been discontinued as when I was adding links to this post I couldn't find it anywhere online. It's a nice blusher but I don't want to talk about it too much as it is no longer available to buy. 

MAC Blush in Peachykeen:
Peachykeen is a sheer tone blusher which means that it isn't the most pigmented blush but it is a nice rose gold toned sheen, and looks stunning either on its own or layered on top of another blush. 

MAC Blush in Well Dressed:
Well Dressed has got to be one of the oldest blushers still remaining in my makeup collection. It's a cool toned pink blusher, which usually doesn't compliment my skin tone, but surprisingly looks pretty. This is a classic MAC blush which so many people own, so if this is in the back of your makeup collection then definitely dig it out!

Benefit Posie Tint:
The final two blushers in my makeup collection are both Benefit tints, the first being Posie Tint. Posie Tint is my favourite out of the two I own as it's a natural peach shade. You do have to work really quickly with these blushers because they dry quickly but once they settle then they're going to be there all day long. 

Benefit Bene Tint:
This is a little too red for my liking but I do really like this tint on my lips as it gives a nice rosy red effect, and it doesn't budge either. 

That brings us to the end of my blusher collection! Have you tried any of these? 

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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