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My Piercings | Pain Ratings & Aftercare

Hello everyone!

I don't know about you but I am an absolute sucker for a good piercing! Over the past 8 months or so I have been adding to my piercing collection, and I thought that it may be useful to some of you reading this if I do a whole post on the piercings I currently have.
I am going to start off by listing my piercings in order of pain, from least to most, but of course everyone is different so this is just a rough guide. I am then going to talk about each piercing and things such as healing times, and I will also share pictures of the piercings so you can see what they look like:)

1. Ear lobes
2. Nostril
3. Helix
4. Tragus
5. Forward helix
6. Rook
7. Snug

1. Ear lobes (left and right)
Ear lobe piercings are pretty straight forward and heal the quickest compared to cartilage piercings. I got all of my piercings done with a needle, including my ear lobes as it's meant to be better all round compared to a piercing gun, and they didn't really hurt to be honest. The advised healing time for the ear lobes are around 6 weeks and I would say for me they took a little bit longer than that to heal because I was naughty and tried to change them after a few weeks haha!

2. Nostril (right)
My nostril piercing was actually the first piercing I got and it was surprisingly not too bad. It was definitely a little bit more of a pinch than my ear lobes but nothing significant. I changed my nose stud after 6 months, which is the advised healing time, and it was a little bit uncomfortable but again nothing too painful that I couldn't handle. 

3. Helix (right)
I did think that this piercing was quite nippy when I got this but since then I have realised that it really wasn't that bad compared to other cartilage piercings which I have had since then. I got this pierced on my birthday in January so I have had it for a good few months now, and I would say it's pretty much almost healed and ready to be changed. 

4. Tragus (left)
I was quite nervous going into this piercing because I had heard from a lot of people that the tragus piercing is very painful. I didn't find it too much more painful than my helix piercing but my jaw did ache for a few days afterwards. This isn't fully healed yet as I only got it pierced in February, but it shouldn't be too long before it is fully healed. I really like this piercing and can't wait until it's healed so I can put a pretty hoop in it. 

5. Forward helix (left)
My forward helix is the most recent piercing I've got- I actually only got it two days ago! The piercing of my forward helix wasn't unbearable but the following day around the piercing was quite swollen and also painful. It has now began to settle down and isn't really bothering me anymore, so that's good haha:) This definitely won't be my last piercing! 

6. Rook (right) 
My rook piercing was slightly more painful than my tragus but nowhere near as painful as my snug. Of course like a few of my other piercings I did think this hurt a lot at the time but then I got my snug pierced and that scaled the pain down a lot and I then didn't think this one was too bad. 

7. Snug (left) 
I don't want to scare anyone off who is thinking about getting a snug piercing but I really cannot put into words how painful this piercing was. I got this about a month ago and the pain of the initial piercing and also the inserting of the jewellery was quite uncomfortable. I had never heard of this piercing until recently, but it is becoming quite popular and I think it looks so cool. If you want something a bit different then this is a great option to go for:) 

As far as aftercare goes; I clean my piercings with sterile saline which you can either make yourself using boiled water and sea salt or can buy pre made from places such as Boots and Superdrug. I find cotton buds really useful too as it enables me to thoroughly clean the piercings.

I thought that I would mention that I got all of my piercings at Doc Black Ink in Newcastle. The store is really clean and the staff are great at putting you at ease. I definitely recommend them if you are in the North East area and are looking to get a high quality piercing. 

Do you have any piercings? Has this post inspired you to get any? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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