Sunday, 31 December 2017

Revisiting My Most Popular Posts Of 2017

Hello everyone!

This year seems to have went by in a flash, I can't believe we're just hours away from 2018! For today's blog post I am going to be looking back at my five most popular posts of the year:)

5. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette | Review & Swatches
The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette has to be one of my favourite eye shadow palettes of 2017, so it is very fitting that it's my 5th most popular post of the year. I loved, and still do love, everything about this palette. The shades are beautiful and I have gotten so much use from it ever since I bought it. It's still a big thumbs up from me!
Around August/September time I did a series on my blog where I dedicated a number of posts to different makeup brands. The whole series was a huge hit for my blog, and the MUA post happened to be my 4th most popular post of the year. MUA is a brand which I still reach for on a very regular basis as I love the affordability but also quality of their products. 

I have really enjoyed writing 'Currently Loving' blog posts this year, and I will 100% continue writing them next year too. The last post I did was in July, so it has been quite a while since my last one. I will be posting another one soon, so definitely keep an eye out for the return of the 'Currently Loving' posts:)

My second most viewed post of 2017 is the updated makeup collection which I posted right at the beginning of the year. My makeup collection has expanded quite a lot since then and I have also improved on my storage method. I will be following tradition and posting a 2018 makeup collection in the next month or so, so definitely stay tuned for that.

And now for my most popular post of 2017... I must admit, I definitely was not expecting this one! I was sure that my most popular post would be my makeup collection but I was wrong on that! My most popular post was a review that I did on the LA Girl Pro Coverage HD foundation, back in July. I am still using this foundation as I really like the glowy properties that it has, but as I mentioned in the post it is obviously still too dark for me. It was brilliant for when I was on holiday, however, as I did get quite a nice tan. 

I hope that you all enjoyed looking back with me at my most popular posts from the year. I will be back in a few days with another post. Until then, Happy New Year!

Until next time,
Emily xo

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hello everyone!

Christmas is over for another year and that means only one thing; it's time to share all of the lovely gifts I received this year! Without further ado, in no particular order, here is my what I got for Christmas 2017:)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Light/Medium Contour Kit:
The first gift I received is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which is something that I have been wanting for the longest time ever. I love trying out new makeup, contour palettes especially, and I can't wait to get tons of use from this one. I did use one of the contour shades on Christmas Day and it was very buttery, pigmented and easy to blend, so I am looking forward to testing the palette out even further. 

Charlotte Says:
Frozen Charlotte was definitely one of my favourite books which I read this year, I just couldn't put it down! I am so excited to start reading the next book of the series and I will definitely let you all know what I think of it. 

Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Earrings:
You can never go wrong with a pair of earrings for Christmas, and these four leaf clover ones are so pretty. I only wear silver jewellery so these are perfect for me, I can't wait to wear them:)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Posh Spice:
I love the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and I have started to build up my collection, so it was only fitting that I received a cult classic. Posh Spice is one of the more popular Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and I can certainly see why. The shade is very pretty and I can guarantee I will be getting a lot of use from it.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation:
One of my favourite foundations of all time is the Kat Von D Lock It as it offers amazing coverage and lasts really well on my skin. I am always pleased when I receive this foundation as I can never have enough of it, and my current bottle is almost finished!

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer:
To go alongside the foundation, I also received the Lock It concealer. This is something which I have never tried before but if it is anything like the foundation then I will love it. I have read a few reviews and they all said that it has lovely coverage and lasts well. I will definitely keep you updated and mention it in a 'Currently Loving' post if I enjoy it, which I'm sure I will:)

Kat Von D Bow N Arrow Duo:
You can never have enough makeup! I also received this lovely Kat Von D Bow N Arrow duo which includes a miniature Tattoo Liner and miniature Everlasting Lipstick in the shade Bow N Arrow. Bow N Arrow is the perfect nude everyday shade for me and from swatching it it feels creamy and looks very pigmented.

LUSH Christmas Candy Box:
It's definitely not Christmas without a LUSH gift set, or two! The first gift set which I got this year is the Christmas Candy Box. I love sweet scents so this is the perfect set for me. Inside you get a Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Rock Star Soap, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb. 

LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favourites:
The other gift set I received from LUSH this year is called Christmas Bathtime Favourites. I got this set last year two and I absolutely love it as it's filled with 9 gorgeous scented bath bombs including Luxury Lush Pud, Golden Wonder, Sherbet Dip, Shoot For The Stars and Never Mind The Ballistics. 

Nivea Hydrated Skin Gift Set:
I love receiving smellies for Christmas as it means I am stocked up and won't need to purchase any for a while. This Nivea set is perfect for my Winter skin as they are all very moisturising products. I love the Nivea lip balms as they are really nourishing on the lips, and the moisturiser and hand cream feel amazing on my skin too. 

Remington Hairdryer Set:
I love this Remington hairdryer set. Purple is my favourite colour so I love the hairdryer, and it also comes alongside a bag, backcombing brush, two hair clips and a compact mirror. 

Real Techniques Sponge Set:
I only ever use Real Techniques sponges to apply my makeup so I was delighted to receive a sponge set which contains two of the Miracle Complexion sponges, a Miracle Sculpting sponge and three Miracle Mini sponges. I love the feeling of a new makeup sponge so I am looking forward to breaking these out of the packaging. 

Soap & Glory Pick & Spritz Set:
I love a goo Soap & Glory gift set and this one, which I received from my sister, is great as it contains 6 miniature items. There are three miniature body sprays and three corresponding miniature body washes too. I love a good Soap & Glory gift set!

Soap & Glory Lip Lip Hooray Lip Trio:
Also off my sister, I received a little Soap & Glory tin which includes three lip products. There are two glossy lip products and one matte lip product. I have already used the lightest nude glossy lip crayon and it is really pretty. I can't wait to see how the other two shades look on me. 

Sanctuary Spa Travel Treats:
Staying along the line of smellies, I received this Sanctuary Spa set from my grandparents. It has some miniature products in it which, as the name suggests, are perfect for travel. The bag is a really pretty rose gold colour and it will definitely come in handy too. 

Shawn Mendes Fragrance:
It's no secret that I love Shawn Mendes so I was super excited to receive his fragrance. The fragrance is actually unisex, which I think is a great idea, and it also smells really lovely. I never really expect much from celebrity fragrances but this is definitely going to be one that I repurchase as I love the scent a lot. 

YSL Black Opium:
I also received the YSL Black Opium, which is something that I receive every year for Christmas. This is such a luxury perfume and I received a huge 90ml bottle so it should last me a fair while. The scent is very sweet, which is exactly what I like, and I always get complemented when I wear it. 

Zoella JOT Journal:
The last 6 items in this post are all from Zoella's beauty and lifestyle ranges- can you tell that I am a big fan?! The first Zoella item I got is the JOT journal from her lifestyle range. I am loving the lifestyle packaging this year. The journal is almost too pretty to write in but I will definitely be noting down blog post ideas in it. 

Zoella All Four You Set:
The All Four You miniature fragrance set is something that I also received last year. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love anything that's miniature! You get four fragrances in the set; Blissful Mistful, Snow'ella, Bake My Day and Gelat'eau. These are the perfect size to pop in your handbag, as are the fragrances I am going to be talking about in a little while. 

Zoella Christmas Cookie Reed Diffuser:
Who doesn't love a good reed diffuser?! I put this in my room on Christmas Day and after a few hours my room smelt incredible. Christmas Cookie is a lovely sweet gingerbread scent. It's designed for Christmas time but I can definitely see myself using this all through the year. I definitely recommend the Zoella reed diffusers in general as they last for ages! 

Zoella We're On A Roll Set:
The other Zoella fragrance set I received contains three rollerball fragrances. Like I mentioned earlier, these are also perfect for throwing in your handbag or taking on holiday as they are really sleek and definitely don't take up as much room as a regular perfume bottle. 

Zoella Stationery Bento Box:
Another item from the Zoella lifestyle range is the Stationery Bento Box. I love anything stationery related, but especially when it's as aesthetically pleasing as this! The box also came in really handy as I am now using it to organise my highlighters.

Zoella Treasure Me Set:
Last but not least, the final gift I received is the Zoella Treasure Me gift set. You get so many different bath and body products in this set, so I am definitely going to be taking a LOT of nice baths. The set includes everything from hand cream to bath milk powder. I love the box all of the products came in too, I will 100% be reusing it to store all of my pamper products. 

That was most of the gifts I received for Christmas this year. I did also receive money and some pyjamas but I didn't really think you would be interested in seeing those! If you have posted a 'What I Got For Christmas' then definitely leave a link in the comments section as I love reading them:)

Shop this post: Anastasia Beverly Hills Light/Medium Contour Kit (£42.00) // Charlotte Says Book (£5.99) // Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Earrings (£12.00) // Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Posh Spice (£16.00) // Kat Von D Lock It Foundation (£27.00) // Kat Von D Lock It Concealer (£20.00) // Kat Von D Bow N Arrow Duo (£14.50) // LUSH Christmas Candy Box (SOLD OUT) // LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favourites (SOLD OUT) // Nivea Hydrated Skin Gift Set (SOLD OUT) // Remington (£ // Real Techniques Sponge Set (£19.99) // Remington Hairdryer Set (£31.99) // Soap & Glory Pick & Spritz Set (£12.50) // Soap & Glory Lip Lip Hooray Lip Trio (£8.50) // Sanctuary Spa Travel Treats (£14.00) // Shawn Mendes Fragrance (£41.00) // YSL Black Opium Perfume (£91.00) // Zoella JOT Journal (£14.00) // Zoella All Four You Set (£6.99) // Zoella Christmas Cookie Reed Diffuser (£14.00) // Zoella We're On A Roll Set (£4.99) // Zoella Stationery Bento Box (£12.50) // Zoella Treasure Me Set (£19.99)

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Skin Care Favourites*

Hello everyone!

It is not very often that I talk about skin care products on my blog, as I do like to primarily focus on makeup, but today I thought that I would put together a blog post all about my favourite skincare products. I think that developing an effective skincare routine is very important to keep the skin looking great at all times, and these products do just the job!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash:
Cleansing gels and balms have been very popular within the beauty industry over the past year or so. This is the first one I have ever tried but it has definitely spurred me on to try more. I love this cleansing gel as you only need to take a small amount of product and work it around the face. It literally dissolves my makeup in seconds, and then I simply wipe it away with a damp cloth. I always doubted whether these products truly worked as I didn't really understand how a cleansing gel could cause your makeup to breakdown and wipe away from the face super easily- but I am so glad that I tried this! When I use this I don't feel like I have any makeup residue left on my skin, but when using a makeup wipe my skin sometimes feels like it still has traces of makeup leftover. I actually prefer this to the regular Garnier Micellar Water as it leaves my skin feeling a lot more smooth and nourished. 

Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash:
On days when I haven't been wearing makeup, and therefore don't require the Garnier Cleansing Gel, I like to cleanse using the Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash. I have the miniature version of this but it has actually lasted me quite a while as a little really does go a long way with this. I will be purchasing the full sized version very soon as this has quickly become my favourite facial wash of all time. The facial wash itself has a very refreshing scent, which makes it the perfect product to use on a morning. There are also little beads in the facial wash which cleanse the skin and remove any dead skin cells, leaving the skin extra soft. 

Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water:
Once my skin has been cleansed I like to use a toner to soothe the skin. This Garnier toner is infused with rose, which is known to be really soothing on the skin. I take a small amount of the toner on a cotton pad and apply it to the whole face. It may not look like I have used too much of the product but that is because you can use this really sparingly, and it still has tons of benefits for the skin. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask & Superdrug Masks:
Around twice a week I like to use a face mask to really pamper my skin. I have been using the individual use Superdrug mask sachets for as long as I can remember, and they work really nicely. If you want to spend a little more on your face mask, but still don't want to spend a fortune, then the L'Oreal Clay Masks are definitely the way to go. I love the Detox Mask for clearing my skin if I have any blemishes or breakouts, but they also have masks for other purposes too. 

Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Moisturiser:
I picked this moisturiser up from Superdrug a while ago now and I finally got round to using it around 3 or 4 weeks ago. I am so impressed with this as it really does make my skin look noticeably matte. I do suffer from combination/oily skin, and that means that my makeup tends to slide around my face and get oily very quickly. I have been using this moisturiser in place of my primer and it really has made a great difference. When I use this my makeup stays in place all day and my skin does not get oily at all, which is absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend this if you have oily skin, even if you don't wear it underneath makeup, as it will mattify your face and help keep any shine at bay. 

Carmex Lip Balms:
Probably my favourite lip balm brand, which I have been using for absolutely ages, is Carmex. It is very important to take care of the lips, just as much as the face, because they skin on the lips is very delicate. I get really dry lips, especially in the Winter time, so I definitely go through a lot of Carmex tubes in the colder months. I always have two or three tubes of Carmex lip balms on the go at once because I go through them so quickly and I am constantly applying them to my lips. One thing I like about the Carmex lip balms is that they tingle and feel really cooling on the lips. I like this because it actually feels like they are doing something to my lips, and they are repairing my lips. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Wash:
I have been trying a few different products from Crabtree & Evelyn recently and I have been loving the body wash which I am going to be talking about now, as well as the body cream I will mention next. The Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Wash is a really uplifting scented wash. I do like fresher scented body washes, even in the Winter months, because they are really awakening which makes them perfect for using on a morning. I am really bad at describing scents so I am not even going to attempt to describe this, but it is a really lovely scented body wash and you should definitely give it a smell if you get the chance:)

Crabtree & Evelyn Goats Milk & Oat Body Cream:
The other product which I have been loving from C&E, and the final product in this blog post, is the Goats Milk & Oat Body Cream. This is honestly the nicest body cream I have ever used. The texture of the cream is very thick and I love slathering it all over my body after I get out of the bath or shower. It leaves my skin feeling very nourished and hydrated, without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Again, I am not going to try and attempt to describe how this smells but I personally think that it's a lovely light scent for all year round. This is on the pricier side for a body cream but I feel like it is really worth investing in (and treating yourself!) to a nice body cream. 

I hope that you all enjoyed finding out my favourite skin care pieces! What are your favourite skin care product?

Until next time,
Emily xo

*Some of the products featured in this blog post were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Degustabox | December 2017*

Hello everyone!

This is going to be the last Degustabox unboxing of 2017; can you believe it?! They're definitely ending the year on a very good box, and I am now going to share with you everything in the jam-packed December box:)

What's in the box this month:
Planters Nut-rition mixes (2 x RRP £1.29)
Sleep Well Drink (RRP £1.75)
Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweets (RRP £3.00)
Popchips Galactic Puffs in Sour Cream & Chive (RRP £1.99)
Ryvita Lightly Salted Rye Cakes (RRP £1.39)
Taking The Pea (RRP £1.50)
Coldpress Valencia Orange Juice (RRP £1.50)
Robinsons Fruit Creations (RRP £1.99)
San Miguel 0.0% (RRP £3.00)
Mary Berry's Foods Lemon & Mustard Seed Vinaigrette (RRP £2.99)
Willies Cacao Black Pearls in Sea Salt Caramel (RRP £6.59)
Lift Matcha Instant Green Tea

That was everything in the very last Degustabox of 2017! I can't wait to see all of the delicious items in the 2018 boxes!

Shop this post: Degustabox

Until next time,
Emily xo

*The items featured in this blog post were sent for review, however all opinions remain my own!

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