Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Brand Focus: Makeup Revolution | My Favourite Products From Makeup Revolution

Hello everyone!

I am going to be starting a new series on my blog where I post dedicated blog posts on individual brands. I think this will be a great way for people to discover new brands and products. To start this series off I am going to be sharing my favourite Makeup Revolution products.

Makeup Revolution is a great drugstore brand which is sold in both Superdrug and online at TAM Beauty. I have quite a few of their palettes, and I also have a few individual products to share today as well.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray:
I always set my makeup with a fixing spray and this one has been my go to recently. I love this as I really feel that it makes a difference in the longevity of my makeup, and it also helps to keep my makeup looking matte all day long. I think you all know by now that I like a matte finish when it comes to my makeup, so this setting spray is right up my street:) 

Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palettes:
I own five of the Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes and they are great. The shadows are extremely pigmented and blend out so well. My favourite palette is definitely the Flawless 3 Resurrection palette as the shades are similar to those in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, and the rose gold packaging is really pretty! 

 Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Day To Night

 Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Salvation Palette

 Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette 

 Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette in Highlighter Lights:
I have had this palette for a very long time now, and I actually think that it was one of my first Makeup Revolution purchases. The shades in this palette are absolutely gorgeous and are incredibly pigmented. They also blend amazingly on the cheekbones and look beautiful when they catch the light. I think that you can buy all three of these shades separately, but I think it's great that there are three blinding highlighters in one palette. My favourite shade is definitely the centre shade which is a gorgeous light pink. 

Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights & Contour Palette:
I used to mention this on my blog all of the time, and I have actually neglected this palette over the past few months. This is a great dupe for the NYX contour palette, which is noticeably more expensive, and contains 8 different shades. I love all four of the contour shades on the bottom row, and I sometimes mix them together too. The highlight (first shade on the first row) is very pretty and the banana powder is great for the under eye area and for setting concealer. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palettes:
Some of my other earlier Makeup Revolution purchases also include two of their blush palettes. From what I can remember, I believe that I bought both of these palettes at the same time. The Sugar & Spice palette is very vibrant and contains lot of pink blushers. My favourite palette, however, is the Hot Spice palette. The shades in the Hot Spice palette are a lot more wearable for everyday. 

Makeup Revolution Matte Liquid Lipstick in Noble:
My final favourite product from Makeup Revolution is their matte liquid lipstick in the shade Noble. I got this lipstick in one of their lip kits and it is a gorgeous shade. I only really wear nude/brown lipsticks now, and this one is totally up my street! The formula is very runny and applies nicely onto the lips, although it does take a while to dry right down, and lasts well for the cost. 

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? Let me know in the comments which brand you would like me to write a post on next:)

Shop this post: Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray (£5.00) // Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Day To Night (£4.00) // Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Salvation Palette (£6.00) // Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette (£8.00) // Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette (£8.00) // Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette (£8.00) // Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette in Highlighter Lights (£8.00) // Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights & Contour Palette (£8.00) // Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Hot Spice (£6.00) // Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Sugar & Spice (£6.00) // Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kit in Noble (£6.00)

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

This Makeup Look Cost HOW Much?! | Cheapest Makeup Look

Hello everyone!

A little while ago I did a blog post where I created a makeup look using the most expensive products in my makeup collection. Today I am going to be doing the exact same concept but on the other end of the scale; using the cheapest products in my collection.

I don't know about you but I absolutely love a bargain, so if I can find affordable products that really work then it makes me very happy!

Primer: Rimmel Lasting Finish
A good primer is always necessary when it comes to making your makeup last all day long, but they don't have to be expensive. I've been using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer for a long time now, even longer than my holy grail Benefit Porefessional, and it's great at creating a smooth base for foundation application. I also love the accompanying foundation, although that is not the cheapest foundation I own so I haven't included it in this blog post. 

Foundation: MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect
I could not believe my eyes when I saw this foundation on the Superdrug website for £4! I have used this foundation a few times now and it is good for the price. Although it is not the best foundation I have ever tried, what do you expect for £4?! The coverage is a light to medium, and is definitely buildable. Whilst it isn't the most flawless coverage ever; a little concealer does the trick! The shade range isn't great but drugstore brands in general don't have a huge shade range. 

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection
This concealer is an absolute gem! So many beauty bloggers talk about how amazing this concealer is and I completely agree. Collection have recently repackaged this concealer and it is a lot better than the old packaging, which felt and looked quite cheap. I love the shade Fair 1 for under the eyes as it is a really brightening concealer and covers dark circles under the eyes beautifully. It is actually hard to believe that this concealer is so cheap, but I'm definitely not complaining! 

Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte
My favourite, and cheapest, pressed powder is the Rimmel Stay Matte. I must have went through countless pans of this powder as it is just so great. I love just taking a big fluffy brush to this powder and dusting it all over my face. It definitely is one of the best powders for keeping my skin matte, and if you apply it with a light hand then it doesn't look cakey at all. 

Eye Shadow: Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude
I own two of these Collection eye shadow palettes but my favourite for creating an everyday makeup look is Nude. The Nude Bronze palette consists of all shimmer shadows, so it can be difficult to create a total look using that palette, but the Nude palette has all of the shades you would need to create total eye look. 

Mascara: ELF Volumising Mascara in Jet Black
ELF recently launched their products in Superdrug and I picked up this mascara for just £3. I have been using this mascara pretty much everyday since as I can't get enough of it. I really wasn't expecting it to be that great for the price but oh boy was I wrong! 

Brows: I Heart Makeup Brow Gel in Light/Medium
I don't do much to my brows but I always run through them with some sort of gel. My favourite is the Benefit Gimme Brow but the cheapest one I own is the I Heart Makeup Brow Gel. This one is okay but the brush is a little thick so it is quite difficult to apply it precisely; meaning that it does sometimes end up on the skin around the brows. 

Contour: MUA Bronze & Sculpt Kit
I included this little contour kit in my latest 'currently loving' blog post. As I mentioned in that post, I am not a big fan of the highlight in this kit, but I do love the contour shade. The contour shade blends out amazingly and is so pigmented that you only need to apply a small amount of product to get a defined contour. This is definitely worth buying just for the contour shade:) 

Blush: Sleek Single Blush in Rose Gold
As I've mentioned previously, I haven't really been wearing blush recently but I used to wear it on a daily basis. The Sleek Rose Gold blush used to be my go to blusher, and at £4.99 it's a brilliant dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush. The blush does have a LOT of gold shimmer to it, but I personally like it.

Highlight: MUA Undress Your Skin in Peach Diamond
The cheapest highlighter I own is the MUA UYS in Peach Diamond. This highlighter is £3... I will just let that sink in! The pigmentation is absolutely incredible for how affordable it is, and I get so much more use from this than I do more expensive highlighters. 

Lips: MUA Matte Lipstick in Fawn Fancy
I have a few of the MUA lipsticks, all of which are just £1, but the matte finish ones are my favourites. Fawn Fancy is a really nice deep brown shade and it applies really smoothly on the lips. Just one layer of this lipstick gives a really opaque finish, and MUA have tons more shades to choose from too.  

Total cost of the makeup look: £42.14

I would absolutely love it if you all have a go at this challenge, and leave a link in the comments so that I can read it:)

Shop this post: Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer (£6.99) // MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation (£4.00) // Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) // Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (£3.99) // Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude (£3.99) // ELF Volumising Mascara in Jet Black (£3.00) // I Heart Makeup Brow Gel in Light/Medium (£1.99) // MUA Bronze & Sculpt Kit (£5.00) // Sleek Single Blush in Rose Gold (£4.99) // MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Peach Diamond (£3.00) // MUA Matte Lipstick in Fawn Fancy (£1.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Foundations That I Will ALWAYS Repurchase

Hello everyone!

I love trying out new foundations but there will always be some that I will never stop using; and will always repurchase. In today's blog post I am going to be sharing those holy grail foundations that I will continually repurchase, and I will also be telling you why I am so obsessed with them.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation in 100 Ivory:
The first foundation that I have been repurchasing for years, and will continue repurchasing, is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation. This foundation has brilliant coverage and is also very comfortable to wear due to the added comfort serum. I definitely do not wear my foundation for 25 hours but for the amount of time I do wear it (usually around 8) it has lasted really well and still looks good hours after it was originally applied. This foundation is great for taking on holiday, or just wearing if you live in a hot country, as it contains SPF 20 but it also doesn't melt off the skin or transfer when touched. 

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation in 015 Porcelain:
My bottle of this L'Oreal foundation is actually empty, so I definitely need to repurchase ASAP! This foundation is also very full coverage and is really moisturising on the skin. This is actually one of my favourite Winter foundations as the shade I have is really pale, but it also doesn't emphasise dry patches. My skin tends to get dry in places in the colder weather so this is great as it feels like it adds a lot of moisture to the skin without looking oily or greasy. 

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin in 110 Ivory:
What makes this foundation great is the fact that there is a foundation option for normal/dry skin and for combination/oily skin. I have the foundation for combination/oily skin, so it's perfect for the warmer weather when my skin is noticeably oilier. I wouldn't say that this foundation gives a flawless finish after one layer of foundation, but it can definitely be built up to a fuller coverage. The formula of the foundation is also very light, so when you do add a second layer it definitely doesn't feel heavy or cakey on the skin. 

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation in Fair:
One of my favourite foundations to use recently has been the LA Girl Pro Coverage HD foundation. This foundation gives a very glowy finish, so it is different to my usual matte finish, but it makes my skin look so healthy any dewy. I have mentioned before that the shading for this foundation isn't brilliant, but I have really been enjoying mixing this with the Kat Von D foundation which I will be talking about next. This foundation on its own gives a great coverage which still looks very natural, but paired with the Kat Von D foundation it is absolutely flawless!

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation in Light 42 Neutral:
Probably my favourite foundation of all time; the Kat Von D Lock It! I haven't been using this foundation for as long as some of my drugstore foundations, but it never ceases to impress me. The coverage on this foundation is amazing, it covers every imperfection and I never use concealer when I am wearing this foundation. It also sets matte, which is my favourite foundation finish, so that's just another reason why I love this foundation SO much:) 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shell:
This foundation is probably up there with my Kat Von D foundation. I have been using this for a little while now, and I love everything about it. I was debating purchasing this foundation for a long time last year but I am so glad that I did decide to buy a bottle. With this foundation you really only need to use a small amount of product. I have had my bottle just over 7 months now but I still have 1/4 of the bottle left. I am going to need to repurchase this at some point and I would definitely recommend this foundation as it is great for all skin types; it doesn't oxidise or look greasy on oily skin and it doesn't cling to dry patches either. 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite foundations are! You can also leave a comment if you would like to see similar blog posts on other makeup categories:)

Until next time, 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Eye Shadow Palette | Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be reviewing and swatching the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection 32 Shade Palette. I have been making myself familiar with this palette for a few weeks now, so I am able to do a really in depth review of the palette.

I have never used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette before but the colour scheme in this MUR palette is quite similar to that ABH palette.

I love the packaging of the palette itself as it is mirrored packaging which is a really pretty rose gold colour. It actually reminds me of my River Island Rose Gold Mirrored sunglasses:)
Don't mind all of the fingerprints on the palette (that is the only downside to the mirrored packaging)!

I have quite a few of the Makeup Revolution 32 shade eye shadow palettes, and I think that they are amazing considering that they cost only £8.00. This palette has to be my favourite so far because the shades are right up my street!

As I mentioned earlier, you do get 32 shades in this palette. That roughly works out as 25p per shade. Bargain! All of the shades are very pigmented and they all blend out really well; just as all MUR eye shadows do. My favourite shades so far in the palette are Return, Regeneration, Reactivate, Triumph, Recharge, The, On and Believing.

I am now going to end this post with swatches of all the shades in this palette; where you can see just how pigmented all of the shades are.
Row one (L-R): Resurrection, Rebirth, Contact, Revival, Renewal, Return, Restore & Past

Row two (L-R): New Birth, Revitalise, Recovery, Regeneration, Reawaken, New Dawn, Reactivate & Comeback

Row three (L-R): Reappear, Resurgence, Triumph, Back, Reincarnation, Time, Recharge & Reanimation

Row four (L-R): The, Makeup, Story, Based, On, Believing, In & The Renaissance

Will you be trying this palette out?! 

Until next time, 

Emily xo 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

This Makeup Look Costs HOW Much?! | Most Expensive Makeup Look

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be selecting the most expensive products already in my makeup collection, and I am going to be creating a makeup look using them. I have never seen this blog post idea before, but I am sure that someone out there has done this before me:)

Primer: Benefit Porefessional
I feel like I mention this primer in 90% of my blog posts, but I love it so much that I cannot help mentioning it! Pricing in at £26, this is my most expensive primer. I actually didn't realise that this primer was so expensive, I thought it was around the £20 mark and no more than that. But, I totally think that it's worth the money therefore I have repurchased this around 4 times now. 

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear
One of my favourite foundations of all time is the Estee Lauder Double Wear. I am using the same bottle that I bought 6 months ago, as you really don't need to apply that much product, and I still have one quarter of the bottle left. This is one of the most full coverage foundations I have ever tried and the formula is so lightweight you can't even tell you're wearing foundation! 

Concealer: Studio 10 Concealer Palette
I was sent this concealer palette last year and I loved it. I haven't been reaching for it that much since I have discovered new concealers since then, but I am going to make a special effort to use it again. My favourite concealer in the palette is the green concealer, which is great for correcting redness, and I also love the first concealer shade which is the perfect shade for covering any blemishes. 

Powder: Kat Von D Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
I have been loving this loose powder recently for setting under my eyes and on my forehead; where my makeup tends to crease the most. The powder is so fine and you cannot feel it on the skin at all, unlike some powders which can be quite heavy and cakey. I love the star shaped sifter as I think it adds a really nice effect to the packaging:) 

Eye Shadow: MAC Warm Neutrals Palette
This palette has to be one of my favourite and most used palettes of all time, I love it! The palette consists of 15 pigmented shades and I get so much use from all of the shades; which is very uncommon because normally there are shades in palettes which I don't touch at all. I remember when I got this palette it was £65 and it has now been reduced to £49.50, but it's still the most expensive palette I own. I definitely think that this is worth every penny, two years on I still use it pretty much every other day! 

Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash
For a long time I was never the biggest fan of this mascara due to the very runny formula, but I did let it dry out over a few weeks and now I am a huge fan of it! I feel like letting the mascara dry out a little has completely changed my view on this product. This is definitely in my top three mascaras as it gives lots of length and volume to the lashes and doesn't go clumpy. As with all Benefit mascaras, it doesn't flake or rub off the lashes (and is a pain to remove at the end of the day!). 

Brows: Benefit Gimme Brow
I always mention this brow gel in my blog posts because it's really the only brow product I ever use. I have tried out many brow gels ranging from £2 to £30 but this one is my all time favourite. This overall makes my brow hairs look darker and evens out the shape of them so that I don't end up with any stray hairs. If you are looking for a new brow gel to try then definitely give this one a go, it won't disappoint! 

Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
I like to warm up my face using a nice bronzer and then contour. My most expensive bronzer is the Benefit Hoola, and it's actually my favourite too. I don't really use many other bronzers because most of the ones I've tried look quite muddy and patchy on the skin, but the formula of this one is so buttery that it blends like an absolute dream! Benefit have also released a lighter version of this bronzer, which I am yet to try, but that would be perfect if you have super fair skin. 

Contour: Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette
For contour I love using the Kat Von D Shade & Light, and my favourite shade from the palette is the bottom left shade called Sombre. I also like to mix this with a little bit of Shadowplay too. This has been my go to contour palette for a long time now and I am definitely going to be repurchasing when most of the shades run out! 

Blush: Benefit Rockateur
I don't wear blush that often anymore but when I do it is usually Benefit Rockateur, which also happens to be my most expensive blush. This is like a blush and highlight all in one as it is a gorgeous rose gold shade but it also has some sheen to it when it's on the cheeks. I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of the scent that this blush has, but once it's on the cheeks you can't smell it so that's not too much of an issue. 

Highlight: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I didn't have to think twice about my most expensive highlight as I knew that this gorgeous Hourglass palette was the most expensive. This palette is such a luxurious product and I am obsessed with it! All three shades are really buttery and feel amazingly soft on the skin. 

Lips: Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit
The Kylie Cosmetics lip kits have to be the most expensive lip products I own as the shipping and customs charges make each lip kit come in at well over £40. I'm not too mad at that though because they last so well on my lips and there are some gorgeous shades such as Candy K, Dolce K and Moon.

Total cost of the makeup look: £370.25

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Leave a link in the comments section if you decide to do this challenge, I would LOVE to read it:)

Shop this post: Benefit Porefessional Primer (£26.00) // Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (£32.50) // Studio 10 Concealer Palette (£32.00) // Kat Von D Loose Setting Powder in Translucent (£22.00) // MAC Warm Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette (£49.50) // Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (£20.50) // Benefit Gimme Brow (£20.00) // Benefit Hoola Bronzer (£24.50) // Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette (£37.00) // Benefit Rockateur Blush (£24.50) // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette (£59.00) // Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit (£22.75)

Until next time,
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