Sunday, 16 December 2018

Edinburgh December 2018 | Christmas Market, Shopping & Wetherspoons

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday I visited Edinburgh and had a really lovely time. I wanted to share some pictures from my day out and show you some of the lovely sights you will see at Christmas time at Edinburgh.

Our train was at 8:40am so we were definitely in for a long day, but the train journey both there and back seemed to fly by.

We started off the morning by visiting Harvey Nichols which I was dying to go to and buy a few makeup bits (haul coming soon!). We then headed down to the Christmas markets which was actually really busy for a Tuesday. I didn't buy anything from the market but it was nice to have a look around.

For lunch, we went to Wetherspoons right next to the Waverly train station which was really handy as we stuck to that area throughout the day.

After lunch we hit the shops again and I thought it was only fitting that I bought a Christmas jumper from Primark. You'll have to wait for my haul to see it though:)

We then went back to Wetherspoons for some more food and drinks before we headed back home, and also took the chance to take some lovely nighttime photos. Edinburgh looks absolutely amazing on a nighttime- especially with all the Christmas lights!

By the time we got on the train home we were absolutely exhausted and, although I had a great day, I was glad to be home haha.

Have you visited Edinburgh before? I definitely recommend it at Christmas, it's such a magical place!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas Decorations | 2018

Hello everyone!

It's getting so close to Christmas now- how exciting! I love decorating for Christmas as it really puts me in the festive spirit, and today I thought I would share some of my lovely decorations.

Starting with the hallway of my house, there are four festive tinsel-style decorations. We have had these for the past two Christmases and they're a great way to make your hallway look festive. You can just pin them to the wall or hang them on a hook if you have one. I will try and link these or similar at the end of this post, as well as everything else I mention.

Moving onto the living room, of course we have the tree! We got a new tree last year and this one is a 7ft fibre optic tree. Fibre optic trees are really good if you can't be bothered to wrap lights around the tree haha. We have some nice iridescent baubles as well as a few vintage pieces. Chocolate tree decorations are a tradition in our house so we have a lot of those on too.

As you can see we also have decorations on the windowsill and window lights.

I used to really go to town and decorate my whole bedroom, but this year I have just opted for two cute stag ornaments which are on my windowsill. I've had both of these for quite some time now and they look lovely in front of my window.

Do you have your Christmas decorations up yet?

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide | Gift Sets

Hello everyone!

As promised, here is my second Christmas gift guide installment. In this post I am going to be sharing some gift sets which are too big for a stocking, but are still budget friendly.

Missguided Awesome Foursome Collection (£12.50):
Missguided is a very on trend brand at the moment, and this gift set would be great for those who love keeping up with the most relevant trends. I love the packaging of this gift set and there is a great selection of products. I smelled the body spray in store and it was really nice- I'm actually tempted to keep this for myself! 

Dove Radiant Beauty Collection (£12.00):
If you know someone who has sensitive skin then Dove is one of those brands which produces nourishing and gentle skincare products. This set contains four full sized products and for £12 is a great buy. 

Jack Wills Mini Body Care Gift Set (£12.50):
Another brand which I am a fan of is Jack Wills- I love their clothing and also their recent beauty launches. This gift set makes a great gift as the tin can be reused and you also get four decent sized beauty products. 

Cath Kidston Eiderdown Rose Travel Mug (£12.00):
I recently treat myself to a few bits from Cath Kidston, and I thought that I would include them in this post as they would both make great gifts. I bought two items from the Eiderdown Rose collection; with the first being a ceramic travel mug. I have been obsessed with drinking tea recently so I obviously wanted a travel mug so that I can take my favourite drink on the go with me. 

Cath Kidston Eiderdown Rose Water Bottle (£16.00):
To go along with my travel mug I wanted to get this water bottle as it's really pretty, but I also wanted it because I want to try and drink more water. I will get loads of use from both of the items I bought but I'm hoping I get the most from this bottle because I need to stay hydrated and at the minute I'm just not drinking enough water. 

So, that was the second installment in my gift guide series? What sort of gifts would you like to see next?

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection

Hello everyone!

It is definitely no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the high quality products they continuously put out. My obsession all started with the Celebrity Skin Velour Liquid Lipstick and since then I have expanded my lipstick collection and also added in some other products too. So, if you want to see my JSC collection then keep on reading!

Velour Liquid Lipsticks
Total count: 18
Like I mentioned, the first JSC liquid lipstick I ever bought was Celebrity Skin. I have went through at least 3 tubes of this as it is the perfect everyday nude shade. You will find that I do own primarily nude shades although I do have some others thrown in there too. Aside from Celebrity Skin, my other ultimate favourites are Posh Spice, Deceased and Thick As Thieves. Here is a list of all the shades I own as well as a brief description; 
  • Allegedly (brown terra-cotta)
  • Androgyny (plum mauve)
  • Thick As Thieves (brown mauve)
  • Calabasas (brown pink)
  • Mannequin (cool toned nude)
  • Leo (honey brown)
  • Celebrity Skin (soft brown nude)
  • Deceased (mauve-greige)
  • Christmas Cookie (dark peachy nude)
  • Gemini (terra-cotta warm-toned nude)
  • Posh Spice (grey taupe)
  • Nathan (terra-cotta nude)
  • Baby Daddy (taupe nude)
  • Human Nature (dark mauve)
  • Daddy (cool toned dark nude) *no longer sold!*
  • Soft Serve (peachy nude)
  • Cherry Wet (vibrant red pink)

Skin Frosts
Total count: 2
I only actually own two highlighters at the moment, although this will definitely be changing soon! I did not believe how insane these highlighters would be until I actually tried them for myself. They are so pigmented and unbelievably blinding- so perfect if you're into an intense highlight like I am. These are the two shades I own:
  • Siberian Gold (soft champagne gold)
  • Sarcophagus (icy champagne)
Siberian Gold was the first shade I tried and I really didn't think it could get any better- but oh how I was wrong! Sarcophagus has been used to death by me; I am just so glad that the pans are huge or I would have definitely needed to repurchase by now. 

(Bottom to top: Siberian Gold & Sarcophagus)

Blood Sugar Eye Shadow Palette
This palette was so popular and it took me quite some time to get my hands on this, however once I had one I was just completely drawn in by the eye shadows. I have gotten so much use from these eye shadows- even the more 'adventurous' shades. Both Cherry Soda and Fresh Meat pair together lovely. As for the shadows themselves, they are crazy pigmented and blend out seamlessly with ease. 

My JSC collection is ever-expanding so I can imagine there will be a few follow up posts to this! Do you own any Jeffree Star products?

Shop this post: Allegedly (£16.00) // Androgyny (£16.00) // Thick As Thieves (£16.00) // Calabasas (£16.00) // Mannequin (£16.00) // Leo (£16.00) // Celebrity Skin (£16.00) // Deceased (£16.00) // Christmas Cookie (£16.00) // Gemini (£16.00) // Posh Spice (£16.00) // Nathan (£16.00) // Baby Daddy (£16.00) // Human Nature (£16.00) // Daddy (*SOLD OUT*) // Soft Serve (£16.00) // Cherry Wet (£16.00) // Siberian Gold (£25.50) // Sarcophagus (£25.50) // Blood Sugar Palette (£46.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide For Her | Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone!

In true Christmas tradition I am going to be posting some gift guides to give you ideas of what you can buy your loved ones this year. In this post I will be sharing stocking filler ideas and in my next installment I'll share some more lovely gifts.

Sleek Ultimatte Lips (£8.50):
I always love receiving makeup for Christmas and there are some great little sets out there which are perfect for any makeup lover's stocking. I found this Sleek set online for just £8.50 and it contains 4 miniature liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are really on trend at the moment and with a selection of nudes, reds and berries there's a colour for everyone. 

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Ornament (£6.00):
Soap & Glory always put out some great Christmas sets, and this year is definitely no exception. Their ornament-style stocking fillers are really nice and I would recommend them for anyone in your life as everyone LOVES Soap & Glory! The first ornament which I think is great contains a full sized tub of their Righteous body butter. This is a lovely moisturiser as it smells amazing and is so nourishing on the skin.

Soap & Glory Merry Kiss-Much Ornament (£6.00):
The second ornament from Soap & Glory which is a big hit this year contains a pretty berry lip gloss as well as a miniature eyeliner, perfect for completing your Christmas party look! 

Pretty Suds Bath Bombs (£4.00 each):
Bath bombs are always a great stocking filler gift. I found these lovely bath bombs in Boots and just had to pick some up for my friends. I picked up two different scents and they are just so pretty, I can only imagine how lovely these will look in the bath.

Nivea Sweet Lips Gift (£6.50):
If you have someone in your life that is a lip balm fanatic then this is the gift for them! I love taking care of my lips as I wear a lot of matte lipsticks, and Nivea lip balms are some of the best. I like this set as it contains four of their best lip balms, and you can also reuse the tin.

Of course... chocolate and sweets too! 
Of course it wouldn't be a stocking without some form of confectionary! I've purchased a range of confectionary for my family and friends. Superdrug has a large variation of confectionary on the website and in stores too.

I think that all of these lovely items are perfect to pop in your loved ones stocking! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 

Until next time,
Emily xo

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Unpopular Opinions | Beauty Edition

Hello everyone!

I love discussing unpopular opinions and I thought that I would bring this love onto my blog as well, because who doesn't love a good debate?! I first saw this post on Shoes and Glitter so I want to give credit to her:)

Popular makeup products you don't like...
I think a lot of people may actually agree with me on this one, but I am really not much of a fan of lip glosses. I used to wear lip glosses quite a lot when I was younger but I just cannot hack them now. I'm sure we have all experienced the whole hair getting stuck on your lips, and I really don't think they're worth all the hassle. I could definitely live without lip glosses in my life haha!

Popular makeup product/brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love...
I immediately knew what I would be putting down for this section- Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I know that quite a lot of people don't like JSC or choose not to buy his products because of past controversy, but I don't think I would be able to live without my Jeffree Star products. His Velour Liquid Lipsticks are pretty much the only lip products I use nowadays because there is a huge selection of shades and the formula is like no other. They are not drying on the lips in the slightest and are so long lasting that you practically have to scrub them off at the end of the day. All I can say is that if you choose not to buy his products then you truly are missing out. 

Makeup collab you didn't like or weren't interested in...
I had to actually take some time out to think of answer to this one because I am a sucker for purchasing makeup collabs, especially with influencers, but I have finally got an answer... I actually spotted this collab on Beauty Bay a few days ago and at first I actually squealed because I thought that it would be such a cute collab, but once I had a look at the products themselves, I wasn't sold. The collab I am talking about is PUR x Dr Suess' The Grinch. I used to love The Grinch when I was younger and the packaging of the eye shadow palette is especially cute but I just wouldn't use many of the shades inside. If you like greens and more bold colours then this one might be for you however. 

Popular makeup step that you never do...
This used to be something that I would do religiously every day but now I never bother- priming. In the past I thought that I had to prime every day before applying my makeup but after watching James Charles I am now convinced that it's a scam! To be honest, my makeup probably lasts longer when I'm not wearing primer so for that reason I said goodbye to this step a long time ago!

Popular beauty influencer you don't subscribe to/watch...
This is definitely a controversial topic to bring up but I'm still going to answer haha. As you can probably tell from every blog post, I absolutely love Jeffree Star and also his makeup products, so of course I stand by him and all of the drama that surrounds him. So, for that reason I'm going to say Manny MUA and Laura Lee. I did used to watch both of these people when Jeffree first introduced them however I suppose people always show their true colours and therefore they are no longer on my subscription list:)

Popular makeup product/brand that you don't use/support anymore...
This kind of carries on from my answer earlier and like I said I no longer use primer because it doesn't really make that much difference to my makeup and in some cases it can even make my makeup go oily and fade away even faster. As for a specific product I would probably say the Benefit Porefessional. As much as that pains me to say, as this used to be a Holy Grail and I thought it was doing wonders for my makeup, I realised that it isn't so great on the t zone and that is definitely where I needed it the most. 

Makeup trend that you have no interest in trying...
I'm probably completely late to this trend but eyeliner is one thing I just cannot perfect, never mind the inner corner winged liner which has been so popular over the past year. I haven't tried this out but because I am so bad at liner as it is, I just know this would look absolutely dreadful. Props to anyone who can pull this off though- I'm jealous!

Makeup product that was better in theory than when you used it. Either swatched better or worked out better on others than on you...
I recently got a sample of the Benefit Dew The Hoola and I was quite excited to try it out as I thought it would be a quick and easy way to bronze up. I absolutely love the original Hoola bronzer and use it on the daily but this product is completely different. I tried this with a stippling brush, my hands and a sponge but every way I tried it just looked totally patchy. Don't get me started on the orange shade either, even with a tan this would be far too orange and I just could not pull it off whatsoever. In theory, this sounds like a great way to get a quick and easy bronze look however in reality it's just not. 

Feel free to answer these questions too, I want to know all of your unpopular opinions!

Until next time,
Emily xo

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Gran Canaria 2018 | Sentido Gran Canaria Princess

Hello everyone!

I've just got back from a week in Gran Canaria for a bit of Autumn sun!And, just as I did in August when I went to Lanzarote, I wanted to share a few bits from my week.

The flight from Newcastle to Las Palmas lasted just under 5 hours, although I was so tired but excited to get there that it felt like a lot longer.

The hotel we chose this time was the Sentido Gran Canaria Princess which is actually part of a chain of hotels by Thomas Cook (the travel agent's the holiday was booked through). The purple decor definitely drew me in as it's my favourite colour!

Day 1: Sunday 21st October 
We arrived at the hotel at about 1pm and I immediately noticed how lovely the view from my room was. My room had a balcony and was on the 5th floor above reception at the front of the hotel- so not too noisy. You could see the lovely mountains and volcanoes in the distance which was really nice, as well as a section of the pool area. 

We then decided to take a little walk down to the beach which turned into a big walk as we got a *slightly* lost haha. At the beach we found a nice cafe though, and I had an absolutely delicious sundae along with a huge glass of icy cold lemonade which was just what I needed. 

On the walk back from the beach I, of course, spotted a McDonald's- it just follows me everywhere and of course I took a picture of it! The view from the top of the hill was just beautiful as well. 

Just a 15 minute walk from the hotel was the Yumbo Centrum which we ventured through once or twice but didn't really buy much, apart from the odd can of pop or too. 

After that long walk and hours of travelling I headed back to my room in order to freshen up for the evening. I chose a gorgeous burgundy sequin skirt from ASOS (everything linked at the end!) paiered with a black satin cami and it was one of my favourite outfits from the holiday. I also took the chance to have my picture taken next to the 'princess' sign outside the front door, although you can't even see me haha.

I also took a picture of the entertainment board in the lobby which was really handy for knowing what would be on each night. As far as entertainment goes, it was pretty good every night; I especially enjoyed the acrobatics which you will see later on:)

Day 2: Monday 22nd October 
For our first full day in Gran Canaria we just lounged by the pool all day as we were pretty tired from all of the travelling we had done. The pool was like a big lake and had a bridge which led you to a bar in the middle of the pool- so luxurious. 

I did venture out to a local SPAR for some snacks and drinks; and that was before we decided to upgrade to All Inclusive! Like I mentioned, we did decide to upgrade to All Inclusive as I was dying for a slush but these were only available to AI guests- priorities, right! Here's a lovely picture of my wristband which I kept on for about two days after returning home haha. 

Night two brought even more cocktails and a captivating acrobatics show. I am in love with the burgundy dress that I wore, so much so I wore it again later on in the week. 

Day 3: Tuesday 23rd October 
Again, another relaxing day was spent around the hotel pool. Then I got all glammed up for the evening!

Day 4: Wednesday 24th October
On Wednesday we ventured over to the hotel jacuzzis- they were much warmer than the pool that's for sure!

I don't have any photos from Wednesday evening so on to tomorrow!

Day 5: Thursday 25th October
Surprisingly, on Thursday it rained for the full day! You can bet we took full advantage of the All Inclusive food and drinks though!

Day 6: Friday 26th October
Fortunately the weather on Friday was absolutely glorious and did wonders for my tan! 

Day 7: Saturday 27th October
Saturday was another hot and sunny day, and sadly the last full day of our holiday. The entertainment on Saturday night was another acrobatics show, and I loved it. It absolutely amazed me!

Day 8: Sunday 28th October
After a lovely, relaxing week in Gran Canaria we returned home on Sunday evening. I will definitely be returning!

I hope that you enjoyed joining me on my holidays! Have you been to Gran Canaria before? 

Until next time,
Emily xo

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