Sunday, 30 December 2018

2018 In Review

Hello everyone!

A New Year is the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and think about all of the great things you got up to. I have been looking back at my 2018 in order to do this post and it feels like SUCH a long time ago, it's a good job I have my phone to look back at my year because otherwise I wouldn't have a clue what I got up to!

My birthday is the 11th January so I celebrated that with a meal out with some of my family. Although I don't have many photos from my birthday I am pretty sure we also went to the cinema. One thing I can remember from my birthday is that I did get my first helix pierced but I did forget to take a picture of it.

It will be no surprise to you all that February brought another piercing to my ear, which was my left tragus. To be honest that is the only exciting thing I did in February so let's move onto March:)

At the beginning of March I really didn't get up too that much however on the 21st I did go and see Sam Smith with one of my friends. He really does have an amazing live voice and it was a great night out.

In the first week of April I actually got my hair chopped. This may seem like something quite strange to include but I absolutely loved my long hair so it was quite a drastic moment for me. I did absolutely love the shorter look for the first few days however I very quickly begun to realise how hard it was to style. It has now grown a fair bit and I will not be doing that again in a hurry!

The beginning of the month was quite relaxed and therefore I din't get up to much. On the 18th I got my snug pierced and I will be including a picture of this as I am aware that not many people know what this is. I also had a really lovely day out with one of my friends to our local Kaspa's dessert bar and their waffles were absolutely delicious. We definitely need to plan another Kaspa's trip soon.

I cannot even remember this but on the 11th of the month I had a walk along the seafront at South Shields, my nearest beach, and also had a really yummy ice cream sundae. I am so glad I had pictures from this day otherwise I wouldn't have even included it because I completely forgot about it. I also got my forward helix pierced later on in the month (as usual I forgot to take a picture haha).

I have absolutely no idea what I was up to in July because I have no record of the month on my phone at all. I am assuming that I was probably doing lots of shopping for my upcoming holiday though!

So, at the start of August we travelled to Lanzarote for a lovely week in the sun. We had a great time and I did a whole blog post on my time there so click here if you want to see what we got up to. I also took this time to do quite a bit of duty free shopping and did a whole post on that too. You just cannot go abroad without doing a spot of shopping! When I got back I also headed to my local piercing shop and decided on the really unique flat piercing- I cannot wait to change the jewellery when it's fully healed.

On the 1st of the month I took a much needed trip to TGI Friday's AKA my favourite restaurant of all time. Their food is so delicious as are their drinks- it's making me hungry just thinking about it!

October was the month of my second holiday of the year. This time we went to Gran Canaria and of course I did a whole post on that holiday too. A couple of days later I did get my second helix pierced which was quite an impulse decision but it's going to look really cool when I change the jewellery in it. The day after that I actually got asked to be my sisters bridesmaid at her wedding and I said yes.

I get all of my piercings done at Doc Black which is based in Newcastle and I took another trip there in November to get my other tragus done, and this was the last piercing I got in 2018. November was quite a big month in terms of my dream career also, as I finally sent my university applications off to study Midwifery. I am eagerly anticipating to hear back and will of course update you all soon!

The majority of December was a time to celebrate for Christmas- with lots of shopping done. On the 11th I went on a festive trip to Edinburgh with some friends and we had an amazing time. Read here if you want to find out what we got up to and click here for a haul! Of course, it was also Christmas on Tuesday and as usual I was really spoilt. I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas, and year in fact, because you all deserve it:)

Of course, it was also Christmas on Tuesday and as usual I was really spoilt. I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas, and year in fact, because you all deserve it:)

That was my 2018 in a nutshell. What was your favourite thing which took place in 2018?

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

What I Got For Christmas | 2018

Hello everyone!

Christmas Day is over for another year and I, as always, received lots of lovely gifts. In this post I will be sharing everything I received. I've been spoilt as usual!

Starting with Christmas Eve, I always get new pyjamas and this year I got these gorgeous ones from Victoria's Secret as well as a Victoria's Secret dressing gown. I love the design of these pyjamas and I have been in need of a new dressing gown for a while now. The dressing gown is honestly like wearing a cloud it's just so soft.

The first thing I opened is this lovely necklace and earrings set from H Samuel. I absolutely love jewellery in general so I'm always really please to receive new pieces. I only wear silver jewellery also, so these will go perfect with the rest of my jewellery collection.

Staying on the theme of jewellery I also received three bits from Pandora, my favourite jewellery shop ever. First of all I received this gorgeous tiara ring with black stones, which is something I've never seen anything like before. I am absolutely in love with it and I know that this will not be leaving my finger for a very long time. I also got a pair of little sparkly hoops with a heart on. Unfortunately the hoops were too small for my earlobes but I have put them to good use by putting one of them in my cartilage piercing. Finally I also got this sparkly bow bangle from my Grandparents. I have the matching ring and I love a good matching jewellery set haha.

Next up I opened my presents off my sister. She gifted me a Nivea face mask set which I absolutely cannot wait to use, and I have been needing the application brush for ages now as it's so messy applying face masks with your hands. I also got a set of 4 bath bombs which are donut scented- they honestly smell good enough to eat.

I then opened a hat, scarf and gloves set which I will definitely get a lot of use from as it's really cold in England at the minute. The material is really soft and I love the pom pom on top of the hat. They were packaged so nice as well with a bow around them.

Up next I opened a lovely night shirt from Boux Avenue, which I am actually wearing as I am writing this post, as well as some really soft and comfy socks. The socks have penguins on them and have grips on the bottom to stop you from slipping. These are going to keep my feet SO warm!

If you know me then you know I love receiving a good perfume for Christmas- and this year I actually received two. The first perfume I got is the YSL Black Opium, a perfume which I have been wearing for years and absolutely adore. I don't know what it is about this perfume but I just cannot get enough of it. I also got the Shawn Mendes Signature 2 perfume from my Grandparents and I love this too. I have been using Signature 1 ever since it came out but I fancied a change and really wanted to try the new version. This is a lot more musky but it has a lovely scent to it, plus the bottle is really nice haha.

I love makeup so of course I love receiving anything makeup related. This year I got the new Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette which I was not expecting at all so I am really happy to complete my Naked palette collection. The palette also came with a few generous sized samples so I will be putting those to good use too. I used the palette on Christmas Day and created a lovely halo style eye look. Pinks are shades I usually stay away from but they were actually really flattering on the eyes. I also received one of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Can't Relate, and that actually leads on to the next thing... I got one of the Can't Relate Tour hoodies- how exciting! I was really sad that Jeffree wasn't coming near where I live but I'm so happy to at least get my hands on the merch.

From Victoria's Secret I also got a tote bag which is a good size so I will definitely be able to fit a lot in it. I think I'm going to use it for college and it would also be good for taking on weekends away.

Last but not least I also have three books to share with you all. I am a true bookworm at heart and go through so many books. I am a big fan of Gemma Collins so was really happy to see her two books under the Christmas tree, I am sure they're going to be such lighthearted reads. I also got a book about the cats and dogs in the Battersea shelters because I love animals. I'm sure it's going to be quite an emotional read based on the reviews I've seen.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and please do link your Christmas hauls in the comments- I want to see them!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Edinburgh December 2018 | Haul

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned last Sunday, I went to Edinburgh and whilst I was there I picked up a few bits which I had my eyes on. I didn't go too crazy but I am pleased with what I bought and in today's post I will be sharing all of those lovely items.

The first stop was Harvey Nichols, a shop I never fail to visit every time I'm in Edinburgh. I picked up 3 items in here which ended up being quite pricey but I got three luxury items so it was definitely worth it.

First of all I picked up the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal. I have wanted to try Fenty Beauty ever since it was launched so I was very pleased to see Harvey Nichols stock it. I was originally planning on buying a lipstick but none screamed to me as much as this highlighter duo. Both shades are so pigmented and on the peachy side for a natural looking glow, and they look absolutely beautiful blended together.

The next item I bought was a MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl, which is a very typical everyday shade for me. I haven't bought anything from MAC in such a long time but their lipsticks will always hold a special place in my heart. I do love my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks but when you're in a rush there's nothing better than swiping on a lip and looking put together.

Last but not least from Harvey Nichols, I also bought something very exciting. I am a sucker for luxury makeup products and if you're looking for that then Hourglass is the brand to go for. I absolutely adore their highlighters and illuminating powders, and I wanted to add a bronzer to my collection. I have been loving the bronzed look recently and what is great about this bronzer is that it really catches the light and makes your skin appear smooth and illuminated. You do have to build this up a bit with it having light reflecting properties but once it's on it's gorgeous and their to stay.

The final item I picked up on my travels is this Grinch Christmas jumper from Primark. I couldn't believe this was just £14 and perfect for the festive season. It's so soft and comfortable to wear too.

Those are the lovely goodies I picked up on my travels to Edinburgh. What are your most recent purchases?

Shop this post: Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal (£26.00) // MAC Matte Lipstick in Whirl (£17.50) // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Nude Bronze Light (£45.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

48 Hours Of Christmas Films

Hello everyone!

I must admit that I have been watching Christmas films since September, but the run up to Christmas is really the perfect time to binge them all! I love a good Christmas film as they really put me in the festive spirit and in this post I will be sharing all of the ones I'm planning on watching in the few days before Christmas. You should definitely be watching these too!

On Christmas Eve Eve, so the 23rd December, is when I really begin to watch tons of Christmas films- most likely whilst wrapping presents. I really enjoyed A Christmas Prince on Netflix last Christmas and this year they have released a second film, so I am definitely planning on watching that. A good classic favourite of mine is Jingle All The Way which I am sure EVERYONE has seen by now!

Christmas Eve is such a magical day and I like to lounge around in my PJ's watching films- but who doesn't?! I like to save some of my favourite Christmas films to watch on Christmas Eve. My favourite films of all time have got to be the first two Home Alone films as well as ELF. These are absolute classics and I like to watch these on Christmas Eve night all snuggled up with the lights off and a candle on. Of course, Love Actually is also in the list of films I watch on Christmas Eve.

What is your ultimate favourite Christmas film?

Until next time,

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Edinburgh December 2018 | Christmas Market, Shopping & Wetherspoons

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday I visited Edinburgh and had a really lovely time. I wanted to share some pictures from my day out and show you some of the lovely sights you will see at Christmas time at Edinburgh.

Our train was at 8:40am so we were definitely in for a long day, but the train journey both there and back seemed to fly by.

We started off the morning by visiting Harvey Nichols which I was dying to go to and buy a few makeup bits (haul coming soon!). We then headed down to the Christmas markets which was actually really busy for a Tuesday. I didn't buy anything from the market but it was nice to have a look around.

For lunch, we went to Wetherspoons right next to the Waverly train station which was really handy as we stuck to that area throughout the day.

After lunch we hit the shops again and I thought it was only fitting that I bought a Christmas jumper from Primark. You'll have to wait for my haul to see it though:)

We then went back to Wetherspoons for some more food and drinks before we headed back home, and also took the chance to take some lovely nighttime photos. Edinburgh looks absolutely amazing on a nighttime- especially with all the Christmas lights!

By the time we got on the train home we were absolutely exhausted and, although I had a great day, I was glad to be home haha.

Have you visited Edinburgh before? I definitely recommend it at Christmas, it's such a magical place!

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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