Sunday, 30 October 2016

Catpawcino Cat Cafe, Newcastle

Hello everyone!

This is a very exciting blog post for me to write. A few days ago I visited Catpawcino in Newcastle. If you don't know what Catpawcino is; it is a cat cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne which has the most adorable cats and kittens in... EVER! I have wanted to visit the cafe for a long time now and on Wednesday my friend and I went for a snack and something to drink.
How cute is this wall with all of the cats' portraits on?!

We did book a few days in advance as the cafe does tend to get busy, especially in half term time when everyone is off school and college.

On every table there is a little cat profile with has pictures of all of the cats as well as their names and a little bit about them. There is also a few rules that you have to follow whilst in the cafe, all of which are on every table alongside the menu and cat profiles.

I am a huge cat lover so I was totally in my element. All of the cats are absolutely adorable, and I am now going to be sharing with you lots of photos of them!
This is the culprit who stole my seat when I wasn't looking! 

The cafe serves snacks, cold drinks, hot drinks and a selection of cakes and biscuits. I chose the ham and cheese toastie as well as a lemonade, both of which were delicious.

Overall, I had a great time at Catpawcino and I am definitely going to be visiting them again soon:) You can check out Catpawcino on Twitter and Facebook, where there is more information on the cafe.

Have you ever visited a cat cafe or something similar?!

Until next time,

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