Sunday, 5 February 2017

An AMAZING Cat Subscription You HAVE To Try!*

Hello everyone!

At the end of last year I mentioned that I wanted to start doing blog posts that are non beauty related. Today I am going to be doing just that, as I have to share with you a cat subscription service which any cat owner (and their furry friend!) will love. Animal Box recently sent me one of their subscription boxes for my gorgeous cats, Toby and Bubbles, to try out. I am going to be sharing with you pictures of everything in my box as well as lots of useful information about the company.

Animal Box actually do subscription services for both cats and dogs, but I am going to just be focusing on the Purrfect box today.

In the boxes you get around 8 items, all for £24.90! I personally think that it is a great price, considering you get so many different items for your cats to try. Also, when you sign up you can complete a profile for your cat so that you receive the best possible products for them.

The box that the products arrive in is really cute (as you can see in the photo!), and the inside of the box is lined with tissue paper which has pink paw prints on it.

I am now going to run through the items that were in my box, and I will leave a link to the website at which you can purchase one of these boxes:)

There were 8 items in my box in total:
 Gim Cat Shiny Cat Filet (chicken with papaya and tuna with crab)
 Filous Chicken Cube Treats
 Healthy Centres Roast Chicken Flavour Bites
 Tyrol Monkey Toy With Catnip
 Tabby Chic Toy
 Pet Throw
Trixie Mouse Scratching Toy
Bubbles checking out her new blanket
Toby playing with his new mouse toy
Bubbles enjoying her yummy treats

Overall I would definitely recommend this subscription service if you have a furry friend who likes trying out new food and toys. Everything went down an absolute treat with my two, especially the chicken cubes!

Shop this post: Purrfect Box 

Until next time,
Emily xo

*The items featured in this blog post were sent for review, but all opinions are my own!

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