Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

Hello everyone!

If you didn't know already; Mothers Day is on Sunday 11th March in the UK this year. It is a great time to treat the important female(s) in your life, and I thought that it would be useful if I put together some gift ideas. I have something for everyone in this gift guide, from beauty to jewellery and stationery. The gifts are also a range of prices to ensure they suit every budget:)

Personalised Reasons Why You're Wonderful (£19.95):
Not On The High Street is a great place to shop for gifts as they have some really lovely items on their site. I also really love personalised gifts as they add an extra special touch to a gift. The first gift idea I have is this personalised Reasons Why You're Wonderful set. You can personalise the messages to suit the receiver and I just think this would make a brilliant gift, I know that I would be delighted to receive this one!

Family Birthstone Bangle (£22.00):
Jewellery is always a great gift option and when I saw this online I immediately knew that I had to include it in this gift guide. This bangle is such a lovely personalised gift idea as it incorporates all of the family, and you could even give it as a joint gift if you wanted to do so. You can add a personalised disc to the bracelet alongside the gemstones of all your loved ones birthdays. 

Personalised Tea Box With Tea (£22.99):
If you have a tea lover in your life then this one is definitely for them! As well as the personalised wooden tea storage box, this gift also comes with a selection of teas. I don't know about you but I think this gift looks fab!

Floral Mum's Notes Notebook (£4.00):
Little gifts like these are great as they're practical and you know that the recipient is going to get a lot of use from them. This little notebook from Paperchase is really nice as it contains tear away sheets so you can write shopping lists, for example, and tear out the page rather than take the whole book out with you. The floral design is also really lovely too. 

Ted Baker Blush Bouquet Cosmetic Bag Gift Set (£24.00):
Ted Baker is a lovely luxurious brand and their gift sets just get better and better each year. This lovely set includes a body wash, body lotion, hand cream and lip balm, as well as a gorgeous cosmetic bag. I would buy this set alone just for the bag as it would come in really handy when travelling and also to use as a clutch bag on a night out if you wanted to. 

I hope that these ideas give you all some inspiration for Mothers Day! Who will you be buying for this year? 

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Currently Loving #11

Hello everyone!

I know it doesn't seem like it was that long since my previous 'Currently Loving' blog post, but I actually have a few items to share today. I celebrated my Birthday last month and I also treat myself to a few things, so I thought that I would just incorporate some of my favourite items into this post rather than doing a blog post on everything I got for my Birthday and a blog post on everything I bought with my Birthday money.

Nip + Fab Matte Liquid Lipstick in Toffee:
In my last 'Currently Loving' post I mentioned a few Nip + Fab makeup products, and I have another one to mention today. I got this liquid lipstick at the same time I bought all of the other Nip + Fab products I have mentioned on my blog so far, but I didn't get a chance to try it out before I wrote that post. I have since worn this liquid lipstick so many times as it is my perfect everyday colour. It lasts really well on my lips without reapplying throughout the day and the initial application is brilliant as the formula is really pigmented.  

Daisy Street French Bulldog Graphic T Shirt:
I love a good graphic t shirt and when I saw this one on the ASOS website I knew that I just had to get it! I have never bought anything from the brand Daisy Street before but I was pleasantly surprised when this t shirt arrived. The material is a nice quality and the t shirt is a perfect fit. I think that the little bulldog print is so cute and I will definitely be getting lots of wear from this. 

ASOS Lace Trim Strappy Asymetric Cami:
At first glance you may think that this is a pyjama top, but don't be fooled because it's not! I don't blame you if you think this looks like nightwear as I did, and still do, think that. Nonetheless, there is something about this top that I really like. The satin material is really soft and is really comfortable to wear. 

ASOS Ultimate Chunky V Neck Jumper:
You definitely can't go wrong with a nice chunky jumper in the colder months. I don't own any other jumpers which are v neck so it is nice to have this one in my collection. It looks lovely alongside some blue jeans and knee length boots. This has got to be my favourite jumper in my wardrobe!

New Look Shimmer Lace Up Trainer:
I am absolutely in love with these trainers- they just scream 'ME'. I love anything glittery and, although I didn't think that I would wear these much, I have been wearing them all of the time. I don't care if they don't go with my outfit; I'm still wearing them!

Pandora Classic Elegance Stud Earrings:
I received these gorgeous earrings for my birthday and I just can't stop looking at them. They catch the light all of the time and look absolutely stunning. Pandora is one of my favourite places to shop as their jewellery always looks a lot more high end than what it is, and these are definitely no exception. 

JVC Wireless Speaker:
I had been needing a new wireless speaker for a while as my other one broke, so when I received this for my Birthday I was one happy bunny. I have used this lots of times since receiving it and I am really impressed with the sound quality. Also, I charged this once on my Birthday and it is still going strong now so it is very promising on the battery life side of things too. 

LUSH The Experimenter Bath Bomb:
I have also got two bath bombs from LUSH to share in this post, both of which were kindly gifted to me by my sister for my Birthday. The first bath bomb is called The Experimenter. I have had this bath bomb before and it looks amazing in the bath with all of the beautiful colours it produces. It also smells really great which is an added bonus!

LUSH Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb:
The other bath bomb I got is called Golden Slumbers, which is one I haven't tried before. This is a lovely mustard colour and I am also loving the scent of this one too. I am very intrigued to use this in the bath and see what the bath water looks like. 

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion: 
I have had really dry skin recently and needed something to put the hydration back into it- and this is a product which has certainly done just that. Nivea skincare is known for being really gentle and nourishing on the skin and this product confirms that. I smother this on my arms and legs after getting out the bath and they feel incredibly soft for the rest of the day. 

Dye For Personalised Phone Case:
We're almost at the end, I promise! I got an iPhone 8 plus recently so I obviously needed to treat myself to a new phone case to go with it. I had been wanting a personalised case for a while but I was putting it off until I got my new phone. I bought this lovely case off a website called Dye For and I am really happy with how my case turned out. 

Zoeva Caramel Melange Eye Shadow Palette:
Last but not least, my final favourite for this post is the gorgeous Zoeva Caramel Melange palette. I had been wanting a Zoeva eye shadow palette for ages prior to getting this, so I certainly had high expectations. This has definitely lived up to my expectations as the formula of the shades is great but, more importantly, the shades are all beautiful too. If you want to read more about this palette then you can click here:) 

Those are all of the items I have been loving over the past few weeks. What have you been using, and loving, recently?

Until next time,
Emily xo

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer | Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

On the 3rd January 2018 a makeup release rocked the beauty industry. Of course- I am talking about the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer! There were only a few tubes of concealer left in both of my local stores, which goes to show just how popular this concealer is right now.

The packaging:
The packaging of the concealer is really nice for an affordable drugstore brand. The tube is very sturdy and the rose gold accents are a nice touch. The concealer contains 3.4ml of product which, although it is affordable, is a little small compared to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (6.5ml) which costs only a few pennies more. 

The shades:
There are 18 shades in this range, although I am unsure whether MUR will be releasing any more in the future. I picked up two shades; C4 and C5. They are both fairly light shades but it is hard to tell which shade will be best when you're in store. I find that C4 is nice for highlighting under my eyes and C5 is good for concealing blemishes and other discolouration on the skin. I have included swatches of the two shades alongside two drugstore concealers (and as you will be able to see, one of them is a very similar shade to C4!) and I hope that offers some shade guidance for you:)

My thoughts:
The consistency of this concealer is on the thicker side, similar to the Kat Von D Lock It Concealer, but blends out with ease. I do find that I have to set this concealer really promptly under my eyes as it does have a tendency to crease, as does many other thicker concealers. This is described as a full coverage concealer and I definitely agree with that to some extent. The concealer covers the under eye area beautifully and really brightens it up, although I do need just a little bit extra to cover dark discolouration. I do this with a lot of other concealer, however, so it isn't too much of an issue.

  • Sleek, sturdy packaging
  • Affordable
  • Nice coverage
  • Doefoot applicator for precise application 
  • Easy to blend
  • Not a great deal of product 
  • Very hard to get a hold of!
All in all, I am really liking the new Makeup Revolution concealers. I can't comment as to whether they're a dupe to the Tarte Shape Tate as I have never tried that before, but they are going to get a lot of use from me at least!

Shop this post: Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (£4.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Favourite Bloggers Right Now

Hello everyone!

I love reading blogs just as much as I love writing a blog, so today I thought that I would share some of the blogs which I am really enjoying reading at the minute. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on which blogs to read next:)

Who are your favourite bloggers? Will you be checking any of these lovely blogs out?

Until next time,
Emily xo

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Dupe (For Less Than Half The Price!)

Hello everyone!

Makeup, especially high end products, can be an expensive thing. It feels absolutely brilliant when you can find a drugstore dupe for a high end product, and this is especially true when the dupe works just as well as the original. Today I am going to be sharing with you an amazing dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Light/Medium Contour Kit; all for less than half the price!

I actually wasn't looking for a dupe for the ABH Contour Kit when I first purchased this off the Superdrug website, I just wanted to try out some Nip + Fab products, but I was certainly pleased when I realised they were both very similar products.

It is very clear from the get go that the packaging of the palettes aren't identical whatsoever, but it is definitely what's on the inside which counts the most!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills palette comes in at a pricey £42. One thing I really like about the ABH palette is that you can buy the refill pans separately for £ each, so when you run out of your favourite shade you can always replace it. The Nip + Fab is a lot cheaper, costing only £15. I know that £15 isn't the cheapest for a contour palette, but the quality is VERY similar to ABH and in my opinion it's totally worth it:)

One thing I find very interesting is how you actually get more product in the Nip + Fab palette than you do in the ABH one. The pans in the Nip + Fab palette are noticeably bigger than those in the ABH palette, but the size of the palettes are exactly the same. I definitely feel like Anastasia Beverly Hills could have increased the size of their pans to fill the palette a bit more, but I know that this would also cause the price to increase too.

Now, onto the shades! The three top shades in the Nip + Fab palette are absolutely identical to the ABH palette. The bottom shades are also identical to each other, however they are in a slightly different order. I have put together a little diagram to show which shades are the same so that you can see the comparison.

I am now going to do a quick summary of the pros and cons of both palettes, and then you can decide which one you prefer!

Anastasia Beverly Hills


  • Sleek, matte black packaging
  • Refill pans available
  • 6 highly pigmented shades
  • Very soft, blendable formula
  • On the pricier side
  • Doesn't contain as much product as the Nip + Fab palette

Nip + Fab

  • Shades are VERY similar, if not identical, to ABH palette
  • Great pigmentation 
  • Shades easy to blend 
  • A lot cheaper than the ABH palette
  • Quite basic packaging 
  • Doesn't feel as luxurious 

So, which one do you prefer? Anastasia Beverly Hills or Nip + Fab?

Shop this post: Anastasia Beverly Hills Light/Medium Contour Kit (£42.00) // Nip + Fab Contour Palette in Light 1 (£15.00)

Until next time,
Emily xo 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

LUSH Valentines Range 2018

Hello everyone!

Aside from Christmas, the LUSH Valentines range is definitely one of my favourites. I absolutely loved their Valentines range last year and I thought that I would do a run down of this years products. There are so many products this year and I am very excited to get my hands on some of these!

Those are all of the LUSH Valentines 2018 products. Which ones do you have on your wish list? 

Until next time,
Emily xo

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