Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Delicious HEALTHY Treats From The Skinny Bakery*

Hello everyone!

You can't beat baked goods; and when they're low in calories that's even better! The lovely people over at The Skinny Bakery recently sent me some really yummy treats to try out, and today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on them. Spoiler alert: they were all REALLY good!

Skinny Beetroot Pearls:
When I first saw these I really wasn't too sure what I would think of them; the sound of beetroot just didn't seem that appealing to me at all! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these. The sponge was really fluffy and the beetroot flavour had a nice kick to it, but it wasn't too overpowering. The cream cheese frosting is a nice addition to the sponge as well. 

Skinny Carrot Cake Pearls:
Carrot cake is my favourite sponge flavour of all time, so I was obviously excited to try these out and see how they compare to a regular carrot cake sponge. These just tasted like any other regular carrot cake, and the walnut topping was very tasty too. 

Skinny Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies:
These cookies have got to be my favourite treat from everything I was sent. These are advertised as meringue cookies but to me they were more like a brownie. These were absolutely delicious and the chocolate chips add a really nice texture to the cookie. I will definitely be getting myself some more of these to snack on! 

Skinny Chocolate Pearls:
These chocolate pearls were so yummy and didn't taste 'healthy' at all. The sponge was just the right texture and the tofu-chocolate frosting centre was delicious too. I will also be buying some of these because they are the perfect on-the-go snack which you wouldn't believe is really low-in-calories:)

Skinny Mini Flapjacks:
Flapjacks make great snacks and are really filling, and the Skinny Mini Flapjacks were lovely. They are just the perfect size to fill you up which is great because there's no worse feeling than feeling hungry after eating a snack. You can really taste the coconut in these flapjacks which is nice because I love anything with coconut in it. 

Skinny Choc & Orange Cookies:
Last but not least are the Skinny Choc & Orange cookies. Chocolate and orange are two things which go together really well and these reminded me of the Terry's Chocolate Orange; an absolute classic! These were really nice and the flavours were just right for my taste. I'm keen to try the other cookies The Skinny Bakery have on offer because they all look to die for!

Those were all of the delicious treats I tried from The Skinny Bakery. I highly recommend checking them out if you love sweet treats but don't want all the calories they usually contain:)

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

*The items featured in this review are PR samples, however all opinions remain my own! 

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