Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Summer Holiday Haul

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to be going on holiday next month- and I obviously had to do a bit of shopping in preparation! I definitely did not need to buy everything I did, but I wanted to treat myself hence why this post is going to be quite long!

Hawaiian Tropic Products (£5.00-£8.50):
I'm not going to include every beauty item which I have bought for my holiday, I'm just going to include some of my favourite purchases. I loved using the Hawaiian Tropic products last year when I went on holiday as they gave me a gorgeous tan, so of course I am going to be using them again this year. One of the things which draws me to these products is the gorgeous scent- they smell AMAZING! 

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara in Waterproof Black (£11.99):
I always purchase a new mascara, amongst other makeup pieces, before I go on holiday so that I know I won't run out whilst I am away. I've been wanting to try the new L'Oreal Paradise mascaras ever since they came out so I picked up the waterproof version. I really hope I like this mascara as it's a lot cheaper than my current favourite mascara, the Benefit Roller Lash, and something I could regularly repurchase time and time again:) 

Impulse Body Mist in Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket (£1.00):
I never knew that Impulse did body sprays until I saw them on offer in my local Boots store, and I knew that for just £1 each I had to pick one up. The scent I got is called Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket, which I must admit is a very strange name for a fragrance, but it smells great so I'm not going to complain. 

Primark Minnie Mouse Toiletry Bag (£6.00):
I went to Primark on the hunt for some toiletry bags to take on holiday with me. I saw this Minnie Mouse one which opens up into two sections and I just had to have it! Primark have loads of cute stuff in at the moment, including a lot of Disney products, so prepare to see more of that later on in this post:) 

Primark Lady And The Tramp Nightshirt (£10.00):
There's nothing better than treating yourself to new pyjamas for your holiday. I spotted this Lady And The Tramp nightshirt amongst all of the lovely Disney pyjamas in Primark and it immediately went in my basket. The material is really light and therefore it's perfect for sleeping in in the hot weather. 

Primark Beauty & The Beast 3 in 1 Makeup Bags (£10.00):
I love anything glittery so these 3 makeup bags absolutely screamed me! The biggest bag has a clear front and back with a rose on the front, and the trim of the bag is a gorgeous gold glitter too. I am so impressed with this bag because it fits all of my holiday toiletries in it. The medium sized bag is the perfect size for my makeup brushes, and it has a glittery Belle design to it. Finally, the third item in the set is a little Chip coin purse which is really cute and I am going to put my jewellery and hair bobbles in it. 

Primark Feather Sliders in Lilac & Grey (£6.00 each):
Sliders are really in fashion right now so there's no doubt I was going to pick a pair, or two, up! There were so many sliders in the shop when I was in, and it was so hard to choose from all of the gorgeous colours they have. I decided on a lilac pair and a grey pair. I can't wait to wear these on holiday, and I'm also going to wear them as slippers around the house as they're really comfy. 

Primark Watermelon & Black Flip Flops (90p each):
You can never go wrong with some cheap flip flops. I could not believe these were just 90p each- what a steal! I loved the watermelon design flip flops because they're really fun, and I had to pick a plain black pair up too because they go with everything. 

Primark Bee Backpack (£10.00):
When I saw this backpack it instantly screamed GUCCI to me! GUCCI is known for their bee adorned products but the products are so expensive that I don't think I would ever be able to justify buying something from there. For £10 I knew I just had to have this bag, and I think it will make the perfect carry on for my holiday. 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge With Case (£6.99):
I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge on a daily basis to apply my base makeup, and there's nothing better than treating yourself to a new one to take on holiday. This one is perfect for travel because it comes with its very own case which means it keeps the germs off it and also stops it from getting ruined in transit. 

Primark Jeweled Flip Flops (£6.00):
As well as picking up the cheap 90p flip flops I also wanted to pick up a nicer pair which I can wear on an evening with a nice dress. These were only £6 and I really like the jewels and beads because it makes them look more expensive than what they were. I've already got so many pairs of shoes to take with me on holiday but I just couldn't not add these to my collection. 

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at some of the things I bought in preparation for my holiday. I am definitely going to be doing more holiday themed posts, including a lookbook, so stay tuned for those next month:) 

Until next time, 
Emily xo 

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